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How is TechAhead manoeuvring AI innovations to enhance UX?

Published datePublished: Mar 13, 2021 ViewsViews: 2006
Jitin Narang

Jitin Narang

As CMO, Jitin takes care of global partnerships and alliances for mobile solutions. He leads by example and is often quoted by colleagues and friends as the epitome of team spirit. With an ideal blend of entrepreneurial ability, humility, a hunger for knowledge and unending enthusiasm, he believes that nothing is impossible and is credited for the ‘Ahead’ dimension of TechAhead.
How is TechAhead manoeuvring AI innovations to enhance UX?

Manoeuvring AI innovations to enhance UX

With the abundance of apps in the tech market, the app utility and functionality are not the only things that get people hooked onto them. The past couple of years has seen the onset of some pretty interesting UX interfaces, and it is fair to say that brands are banking on the same to keep users glued to their apps. No doubt giving users the best experience that is both convenient and amusing has become a relevant box to check for all application development.

AI, now venturing into each aspect of life, has also penetrated the UX space with more organizations using AI-based approaches and innovations to enhance user experience. TechAhead, being one of the top UX design companies and a leader in innovative application development, has also explored the horizon of different AI innovations that can help improve the scope of UX for all kinds of ITlications. With different smart decision-making elements, AI-based video and image moderation, speech detection, and even sentiment analysis, we recognize the potential of AI and how it can be implemented for an improved UX.

Significance of a robust UX and the role of AI 

Before we get to the tech talk, let us consider why an improved UX would be desirable in the first place. When the application development investment could be made to improve functionality, extends integrations, and many other features, what makes the user-experience one of the most important ones?

The reason is simple enough. What is your reaction to a glitchy app that you really need to use to book a cab, or perhaps too much micromanaging needed for gameplay? While other application features might be necessary to provide solutions to the users, a great user experience is what makes them keep using an app. Thus, a robust UX interface is a must-have for any application that wants to rank anywhere on the charts.

Artificial Intelligence helps add a certain level of automated customization and improve user experience based on the user’s own past behavior. Several smart features within the UX can be a great touch for customers who automatically suggest services exactly when they need them. So, it is clear that AI plays a significant role in enhancing the UX as per the type of application in use.

TechAhead’s AI inclusions for an enhanced UX

While a variety of options for enhancing the computer vision, robotic process automation, and implementation of natural language processing are being used for AI-based applications, there are some specific AI inclusions that TechAhreead is incorporating for an enhanced UX:

Automation with AI

The first and most relevant element that AI brings into UX is that of automation. People no longer want to input excess information manually or spend their time in difficult navigation. A little more autonomy and intelligent decision-making are much called for in new-age applications. By eliminating the small reprieve tasks and interactions that seem like hassles, AI does a great deal to automate applications and improve the overall user-experience.

AI for Speed and Convenience 

Features of AI can help improve the application’s speed and performance, making it more convenient for users. An application that uses a quick fingerprint analysis or faces recognition will surely provide a smoother user-experience than ones that involve tricky user ids and passwords. The use of emotional AI and the convenience of relaying a lot of information readily helps the user experience rank much higher for a particular application.

UX made more adaptive and interactive

AI helps to remove the obstructions to humans and the user interface. While the mundane interactions can be limited, AI-based algorithms allow a more adaptive and interactive way of navigating through the app. One could use a voice command when convenient or simply access their most common interactions based on user data. These benefits help improve the UX of applications and make them fit the users’ tailor-made requirements.

Using AI to evaluate essential metrics 

An element of targetted functionality can be introduced through AI that cannot be implemented otherwise. AI algorithms can analyze user data such as the device in use, location, bounce rate, session time, visits on pages, and much more to fine-tune the application, and hence its recommendations as per what the user is looking for. This automatically brings out relevant functions for the user even before they search for it. 

Deep Learning to improve UX with behavioral insights

Deep learning is a part of AI that can have a great impact on the functionality of an app and be applied to the UX in the same manner. A combination of deep learning with the user behavioral insights can help fine-tune the application to highlight relevant features and help the user connect more to what the app has to offer. AI-based prompters such as chatbots can suggest these customizations to a user based on a personalized set of data based on the user behavior. Even further use of complex data analytics can help bring exciting elements such as personalized advertising, themes, and much more to improve the user experience. 

Thus, AI and the future of UX go hand-in-hand. With great UI and application features already making rounds in the app development community, the next step is to bring in AI. Maneuvering from what people would like to automate to what a specific user is looking for is where AI bridges the gap. TechAhead, a leading artificial intelligence development company aims to bring more AI-based UX enhancements that not only make the application more interactive and customized but also draw in some essential automated features depending on a single user’s preferences and demographics. You can explore these with your application by letting us develop your application. This new-age experience is what applications need to extend for their users!

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