8 Best Android, iOS Pregnancy Apps for Moms in 2020
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8 Best Android, iOS Pregnancy Apps for Moms in 2020

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8 Best Android, iOS Pregnancy Apps for Moms in 2020

Pregnancy Apps for Moms

Becoming a new mom is simultaneously exciting and overwhelming. Visiting the doctor, baby-proofing the home, monitoring the pregnancy – these are just a few areas a new mom needs to manage leading up to the infant’s arrival. Then, the whirlwind of motherhood begins once the child is born. As a new mom drains her energy from interrupted sleep and attending to the demands of the child, several apps make life easier and help gain a sense of control. Here are a few pregnancy apps for moms:


In the course of 40 weeks, an extraordinary transformation takes place. Each week represents a significant step in development albeit invisible to the eye for the first few weeks.  The Amila Pregnancy app available to both Android and iOS provide answers between ultrasound test appointments by telling the story of what is most likely happening in real-time as each day advances. The app also becomes a repository of the soon-to-be mom’s experience by inviting her to record what she feels during the journey from the number of kicks and the symptoms that may appear.


Download Amila’s Pregnancy Apps: (Android | iOS)


WebMD Pregnancy App

The WebMD Pregnancy app, available on iOS devices, acts as an extension of medical advisors. With monitoring and educational features about the pregnancy process, the app enables to track progress, health, and symptoms. It offers a portal to reach a physician if needed. With an immense library of medical information, answers to pressing medical questions to guide the soon-to-be mom. Among the features, a checklist and reminder alerts of the crossing of important milestones and make it easier to remember appointments.

webmd pregnancy app

Download WebMD Pregnancy App: (iOS)

The Wonder Weeks

The habits of tracking the pregnancy are a precursor of what awaits once the little one is born. Monitoring the newborn is crucial. Furthermore, the new mom needs to do this with very little sleep time. Born from a book of the same name, The Wonder Weeks is an app designed specifically to the calendar and identify key developmental periods in the child within the first 20 months. It outlines when the infant’s brain will gain substantial mental development, offers advice and guidelines to facilitate more growth, and helps through the management of difficult times when nothing seems to calm the baby. It helps decode the “fussy phases.”

the wonder weeks

Download Wonder Weeks Apps: (Android | iOS)

Baby Breastfeeding Tracker

It may take a few weeks to establish a breastfeeding routine. During these trying times, the Baby Breastfeeding Tracker app keeps a log of feeding times of the infant and their duration, information that becomes mentally blur after a few days.  The app can serve as an alarm clock that flags when it may be time for another round of feeding.

It enables you to capture information such as the baby’s weight and height, supplemented with photos you may take and other cute moments that you want to pen for prosperity. It also advises the mom with insights and reassuring messages on how to deal with challenging situations. For instance, the baby may refuse to eat, or the baby may seem to be hungry between feedings or it does not want to latch onto the breast.

Baby Breastfeeding Tracker App

Download Baby Breastfeeding Tracker App: (iOS)

Mommy Nearest – Pregnancy Apps for Moms

MommyNearest lists the local restaurants where the new mom and her family will feel comfortable and appreciate the baby amenities, such as highchairs and changing tables. In a similar way to the other apps, it gives access to a large library of articles for parents.

Pregnancy Apps for Moms

Download Mommy Nearest App: ( iOS )

Peanut – Meet Mom Friends

Talking to an adult who shares similar experiences will become a relief after weeks of cooing and talking to a little one who has not learned yet how to respond.  Peanut enables new moms to connect with each other to be part of a neighborhood like-minded group.  

Pregnancy Apps for Moms

Download Meet Mom Friends Apps: (Android | iOS)

Baby Connect

This app records anything and everything about the baby that can be expressed in numbers, from measurements to what goes into and out of the baby, to the length of playtime and sleep time. Baby Connect also tracks the mom and baby’s GPS location. All the data can be downloaded in Excel format to a computer or smart device.

Pregnancy Apps for Moms

Download Baby Connect App: (Android | iOS)

Cloud Baby Monitor

The feeling of separation may be overwhelming.  Cloud Baby Monitor helps alleviate some of the anxiety when the mom goes back to work or must be away from the little one.

Designed for Apple devices, the app provides a window for the mom to watch over her child regardless of her current location. It picks sounds from a smartphone, tablet, or computer left in the proximity of the baby. It can capture the child’s breathing and immediately notifies the mom of any unusual activity. It even can reversely deliver music or soothing sounds stored in a playlist. She can also speak to the little one through the device’s microphone

Pregnancy Apps for Moms

Download Cloud Baby Monitor App: (Android | iOS)

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The journey of motherhood is filled with anticipation and challenges. Technology makes the experience a little easier for the mom to be and new moms. Smart devices raise the bar of historical logging.  Twenty years from now, many young adults will know about their pre-natal and post-natal life in far more details than any generation has been able to retrieve. Find out more about how TechAhead, a mobile app development company can help you build a successful app that’s the best fit for your business.

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