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3 critical advantages of deploying Microsoft Azure for SMEs, small businesses

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Mukul Mayank

Mukul Mayank

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3 critical advantages of deploying Microsoft Azure for SMEs, small businesses

Benefits of Microsoft Azure for Small Businesses

Cloud Computing has taken the world by storm, whose intensity and speed is increasing by leaps and bound every moment.

$630 billion will be the estimated size of Cloud computing by 2023, and as per market research, 83% of all enterprises have already adopted Cloud directly or indirectly.

As per another report, approximately $1.1 trillion of IT spending will be directed towards Cloud computing by the time 2023 ends.

What does this mean?

Cloud Computing is no more the future: It’s the present, and instead of a luxury, it has become a necessity.

Cloud Computing & Small Businesses

A general impression is that Cloud computing is only for large enterprises, and this is entirely incorrect.

In fact, due to the advantages pertaining to cost and infrastructure, Cloud is the optimal IT solution for small businesses, and numbers prove it.

44% of Small businesses in the US prefer single-Cloud or multiple public Clouds for their day-to-day operations, and among this user-base, more than 60% have a multi-cloud strategy.

In fact, around 78% of the small businesses and SMEs are already using one form of the Cloud or another, and their usage will only increase with time.

Now, the question arises, which Cloud computing is best for small businesses?

Small Businesses Prefer Microsoft Azure

Based on various market research reports, it’s clear that small businesses love Microsoft Azure, and this is the reason we at TechAhead use Azure for most of our projects.

As of 2021, Microsoft Azure had an adoption rate of 60%, which is second only to Amazon. This means that a vast majority of SMBs and small businesses are right now using Microsoft Azure, and this rate will only go up.

Although there are tons of other Cloud computing service providers, Microsoft has deployed some state-of-the-art features related to Cloud and customized for small businesses that are enabling them to capture the market at a faster pace.

Why Microsoft Azure? 3 Advantage For Small Businesses

Scalable Cloud Storage

One of the biggest, most visible advantages is the scalable data storage that Microsoft Azure provides for all its customers. Based on the niche and specific requirements, Microsoft Azure offers several plans and offerings that suit the needs of the small businesses, and help them optimize their ROI on Cloud Computing.

You can check out the pricing details of MS Azure right here.

Seamless Integration

Microsoft provides a ton of SaaS-based productivity and operation-enhancement products, that most of the small businesses are using. We can seamlessly integrate these SaaS products with Microsoft Azure, and create a massive ecosystem of tools, software, and utilities that come bundled in for the small business.

For example, you can deploy and use Microsoft Office or say SharePoint using Azure, and then easily share and collaborate for the best results. Other examples can be Power BI and Blockchain-related SaaS products.

Maintenance Free Email Servers

Another huge advantage that Azure consulting brings along is its integration with a highly secured and powerful Cloud-based email server: Microsoft Exchange Online.

Once we have linked Azure Active Directory with Microsoft Exchange Online, then not only users can get free 50GB of storage, but also ensure automatic backups, and a highly secured and safe email system natively created by Microsoft.

In fact, this integration of Azure with Microsoft Exchange Online is the only reason why most of the small businesses are selecting Microsoft Cloud over any other service provider.

Besides, the performance of websites/apps hosted on Microsoft Azure is already top-notch, beating industry benchmarks by a huge margin.

And these are just the glimpses!

If you want to launch a mobile app or a website, or any digital platform, and still not sure about the Cloud computing service you should finalize, we at TechAhead- one of the best app development companies, are here to help you.

Schedule a no-obligation session with our Cloud Computing experts, and find out why Microsoft Azure should be your Cloud Computing platform.

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