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Accelerate App Development with React Native UI Libraries

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Ketan Varshneya

Ketan Varshneya

Sr. Tech Architect
Ketan is Senior Tech Lead at TechAhead. He is responsible for leading a development team, and responsible for the quality of its technical deliverables.
Accelerate App Development with React Native UI Libraries

Accelerating app development with React Native UI Libraries can feel daunting.

You might be thinking, “Where do I even start?” or “How will this actually speed up my process?”.

I get it. The world of React Native UI components can seem overwhelming at first glance.

Once you properly comprehend how to use these libraries, your app-building experience will be expedited and effective,
allowing greater success in your tech profession.

Table Of Contents:

Overview of React Native UI Libraries

Overview of React Native UI Libraries - React Native UI Libraries

A game-changing move in the field of mobile app development has been initiated by an open-source framework referred to as React Native. React facilitates the
creation of cross-platform apps that deliver native-like experiences on both iOS and Android,
revolutionizing mobile app development. At the heart of this revolution are React Native UI libraries,
collections of pre-built components designed to speed up and streamline the app development process.

Diving into React Native UI Component Libraries

The crux of these component libraries lies within their reusable user interface (UI) components, making it possible for
developers to craft interactive mobile apps more efficiently than ever. From buttons and forms
navigation bars, and beyond – every element is highly customizable according to your project’s unique requirements.

Beyond customization, these libraries offer another significant advantage: they enable consistency across different
screens within an application while reducing code redundancy significantly, thus accelerating overall turnaround times
without compromising quality or functionality.

Unpacking The Role Of Command Line Interface In

A critical cog in managing react-native projects effectively is its CLI(Command-Line-Interface). It provides commands for initializing new projects &
running them on various React Native web platforms without requiring additional setup from the developer.

  • React-Native-Paper: A material design library providing simple yet
    elegant components making interfaces visually appealing.
  • Animatable: An advanced animation library that adds zing to your application’s
    visual aesthetics.

Benefits of Using React Native UI Libraries

Benefits of Using React Native UI Libraries - React Native UI Libraries

The world of app development is constantly evolving, and one technology that’s been making waves recently is React
Native. React allows the creation of apps that offer a native-like experience on iOS and Android platforms. But what
sets it apart is the powerful UI libraries.

Let’s investigate why these libraries have become indispensable tools for mobile app
companies like TechAhead.

Accelerated App Development Process

If you’ve ever wondered how some companies churn out high-quality applications in record time, here’s your answer: they
use pre-built components from React Native UI libraries. These ready-to-use elements save significant time during mobile
application creation by eliminating the need to build basic functionalities from scratch.

This means developers can focus more on crafting unique features rather than getting bogged down with foundational work
– an approach we at TechAhead find incredibly effective when choosing React Native development

Native Features Accessibility

A key advantage of using React Native CLI lies in its ability to access hardware-specific features through
JavaScript APIs without writing any platform-specific code. Your interactive mobile apps will look and feel native
because you can seamlessly tap into most device capabilities across Android or iOS platforms.

At TechAhead, this feature has proven invaluable as it reduces complexity when developing multi-platform solutions,
allowing us to serve our clients better and faster.

Vast Community Support & Resources

An often overlooked benefit associated with adopting technologies such as React Native makes them stand out in their
vast community support resources available online, including extensive documentation and robust user forums where
professionals share insights and challenges faced while creating highly
customizable applications

Drawbacks of Using React Native UI Libraries

Drawbacks of Using React Native UI Libraries - React Native UI Libraries

The tech world sings praises about the wonders of using React Native for app development, and it’s no
wonder why. But let’s take a step back from all that glitz and glamour to discuss some possible roadblocks you might
encounter when working with React Native libraries. After all, every rose has its thorns.

Limited Performance with Complex Animations

You’re building an interactive mobile app – fantastic. You’ve got these intricate animations planned
out in your head – even better. But here comes the caveat: while React Native makes creating cross-platform apps easier
than ever, handling complex animations can create unexpected challenges. The rendering times can get slower compared to
purely native platforms.

Incompatibility Issues Across Platforms

We love how React Native offers us one codebase for both iOS and Android platforms – fewer lines of code mean less time
spent coding (and more coffee breaks.). However, this “one size fits all” approach may sometimes lead to
inconsistencies due to their different system architectures. One moment you have pre-built components performing
flawlessly on iOS devices; the next, they create issues on Android.

Lack of Custom Modules

Around, we go again into another potential pitfall during your mobile application journey: missing custom modules within
certain React Native libraries such as React Native Paper. Despite being highly customizable by nature, allowing
developers flexibility during their process, occasionally, specific functionality needed isn’t readily available within
existing React Native component libraries – which means extra hours developing them from scratch.

TechAhead: Your Solution To Overcoming These

Enter TechAhead: a knight in shining armor amidst these challenges while working with TechAhead. We specialize in turning lemons into
lemonade when it comes down to dealing with issues related to choosing and using React Native library

Our arsenal includes an expert team who stays updated on the latest trends and technologies, ensuring high-quality
output irrespective of whether it’s an Android or iOS platform, thus providing a truly native-like experience users
crave so much in today’s digital age. So if you’re looking to develop web-based
as well, look no further because, at TechAhead, we ensure quality is not compromised, eliminating
most setbacks along the way, making us the ideal choice for anyone considering going this route.

3 Top React Native Elements in UI Libraries

3 Top React Native Elements in UI Libraries - React Native UI Libraries

The realm of app development has been revolutionized by introducing open-source libraries, especially
in React Native app development. These libraries provide developers with pre-constructed components
that simplify generating engaging mobile applications on iOS and Android systems.

TechAhead recognizes this potential and leverages these resources to deliver top-notch applications faster. Let’s
explore some key features and players in the world of React Native UI libraries:

1) React Native Paper

React Native
a library known for its customization capabilities, draws inspiration from Material Design principles. It
offers an array of elements like buttons, cards, sliders, etc., providing a native-like experience while developing
cross-platform apps.

2) NativeBase

If you’re seeking high-quality user interface elements coupled with native component libraries with cross-platform
compatibility, NativeBase makes an
excellent choice among other React Native options available today.

3) Native UI Kitten

In terms of flexibility and modularity, React Native UI Kitten stands out. It
features over 20 highly customizable components, allowing developers to build visually appealing interfaces without
compromising performance or functionality.

Lastly, a few notable mentions would be Galio
and React Native gifted Chat.

All contribute significantly to enabling developers to create efficient, engaging mobile applications. With
TechAhead, your company can be assured of us choosing the best-suited tool depending on project needs.
Let us design your app today!

TechAhead: The #1 Place to Get All Your Apps

TechAhead: The #1 Place to Get All Your Apps Developed - React Native UI Libraries

Our React Native App Development

Company will Accelerate Business Growth

In the dynamic landscape of app development, choosing a reliable partner is more than just an option; it’s crucial. TechAhead, known for its expertise in mobile
application and web app
, stands as a beacon of reliability amidst the sea of choices.

This means you can trust their proficiency in using React Native libraries during your app development process.

Expertise in React Native Development

TechAhead’s capability isn’t limited to utilizing pre-built components from React Native. They’re also adept at crafting
custom UI components whenever necessary. This ensures unique aesthetics and interactive experiences for users engaging
with your mobile applications.

Their focus? To ensure seamless compatibility across different device types by leveraging resources effectively, thus
enhancing overall accessibility and usability quotient manifold times over traditional methods used elsewhere.

This translates into faster turnaround times and superior product output – two critical factors determining success in
today’s competitive digital landscape.

Dedication towards Quality Mobile App Development

Apart from being proficient in creating stellar apps using react-native technologies like React Native Paper, there are
several reasons why partnering with TechAhead makes perfect sense:

  1. Focused Approach: Every project undertaken receives individual attention right through the
    ideation stage till the final delivery & post-launch support phases, ensuring nothing gets overlooked.
  2. Vast Experience: With more than a decade-long presence within the IT domain spanning multiple
    industries worldwide gives them unmatched insights about market trends & customer preferences alike.
  3. Dedicated Team: Comprising seasoned professionals who live & breathe technology day-in-day-out means you’re
    always assured VIP service irrespective nature/complexity involved within any given task assigned.

Leveraging Benefits of React Native Libraries

TechAhead can cut down time spent coding each element manually significantly while still managing to deliver
high-quality end products which perform exceptionally well under real-world conditions.

FAQs – React Native Ui Libraries

How do I improve the performance of React Native

Optimizing your code, using lightweight components, limiting the use of libraries, and leveraging tools like ProGuard can significantly boost your React Native app’s performance.

Should I use React Native UI library?

Absolutely. Using a React Native UI library can speed up development time by providing pre-built components that are
easy to implement and customize.

Is Facebook built on React Native?

he Facebook mobile application uses some parts built with React Native but is not entirely developed using this
framework. It’s a hybrid of native and react-native code.

Does Hinge use React Native?

No, Hinge does not utilize React Native for its mobile applications. They primarily rely on native technologies for iOS
and Android platforms.


React Native UI libraries are game-changers in the app development world.

They come packed with pre-built components that can accelerate your app creation process, saving time and effort.

The benefits of these libraries are numerous – from increased productivity to enhanced user experience. However, they
also have drawbacks, like potential performance issues and dependency risks.

We’ve walked through some of the top React Native UI Libraries today. Each library has unique qualities that make it
stand out from the rest.

TechAhead is a trusted name for leveraging these libraries for creating dynamic web apps and mobile

If you’re looking to accelerate app development with React Native UI Libraries, TechAhead is your go-to place!

TechAhead’s team of world-class React Native developers is here to design the app of your dreams. Contact us today for all your web and
mobile app development.

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