4 ways Digital Engineering can Boost Your Manufacturing Business
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4 ways Digital Engineering can boost your Manufacturing Business

Published datePublished: Aug 24, 2021 ViewsViews: 2721
Mukul Mayank

Mukul Mayank

Mukul boasts a proven track record in delivering innovative solutions within budget and on time, meeting clients' objectives while opening new business opportunities. In his role as COO at TechAhead, Mukul's visionary leadership is the driving force behind the company's success in the ever-evolving tech industry.
4 ways Digital Engineering can boost your Manufacturing Business

Digital Engineering can Boost Your Manufacturing Business

It’s said that the manufacturing industry is as old as human civilization, with formal, machines based manufacturing processes having started in the 17th century.

Today, the manufacturing industry in the USA alone is worth $9 billion, growing at a healthy rate of more than 10% annually.

However, shockingly, a large percentage of manufacturing companies are still relying on traditional and outdated technologies to manage their operations. In fact, around 45% of manufacturing companies have still not adopted the Industry 4.0 standard, which includes IoT, Machine Learning, and Cloud computing.

Deploying and implementing Digital Engineering and Industry 4.0 standards for manufacturing can not only boost manufacturing operations, but also empower them to reduce losses, increase revenues, and edge past their competitors without any significant investment.

We at TechAhead have disrupted the manufacturing industry by providing ‘Smart Factory Solutions’, leveraging the power of Digital Engineering, IoT, and Mobility solutions to unleash complete transformation.

Here are 4 ways how Digital Engineering can help manufacturing companies boost their revenues and ensure seamless operations:

Proactive Maintenance via IoT Powered Sensors

With cutting-edge Digital Engineering services from TechAhead, manufacturing companies can now proactively initiate maintenance activities, by using smart insights and intelligence from sensors, and IoT-enabled machines.

Armed with real-time data and insights about the operational aspects of the machine-generated via IoT platforms, manufacturing firms can now save tons of money and ensure that the machines are always in an optimal mode.

Monitoring Employees in Real-Time

Monitoring the workforce is one of the most difficult tasks in the manufacturing sector: It consumes time, resources, and effort to track the work hours, leaves, productivity of the employees, and more.

But with Digital Engineering and Mobility Solutions from TechAhead, monitoring employees for the manufacturing companies becomes a cakewalk. By deploying customized, tailor-made tech-enabled solutions, companies can now track productivity in real-time, manage the leaves, work logs, and a lot more.

Tracking Supply and Demand in Real-Time

The profitability of manufacturing companies depends on the supply and demand balance: When you know which product is in demand, and when, then you can boost production and register more profits.

However, with traditional methods of manufacturing, this is not possible, and most of the companies just assume about the market demands.

But not anymore!

With Digital Product Engineering solutions from TechAhead, manufacturing firms can now leverage the power of forecast and predictions, and find out exact demand and supply statistics, for better results. Our customized digital platforms for manufacturing firms can accurately inform the management about demand, loss in demand, supply positions, competition’s moves, and more.

With more data and more insights, the manufacturing sector is changing forever.

Inventory & Supply Chain Management

Earlier, inventory, shipping, and logistics depended on the assumptions, and information coming in from the supervisors, drivers of the trucks/cargo, and staff. This caused a discrepancy in information, and the customers/vendors were always in the dark about the exact position of their shipment.

But with digital engineering solutions from TechAhead, manufacturing firms can have exact details about all the SKUs present in the inventory, the live, real-time position of the shipments, trucks, and delivery time.

TechAhead has the expertise and capabilities to trigger a revolution in the manufacturing sector by deploying powerful, scalable, and robust Digital Engineering services.

Consult with our Digital Engineering Expert here, and take the first step towards triggering a digital revolution for your manufacturing firm.

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