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Tripple: A unique inheritance-based social media app that nurtures your digital legacy

Published datePublished: Nov 24, 2022 ViewsViews: 7081
Shanal Aggarwal

Shanal Aggarwal

Chief Commercial & Customer Success Officer
Shanal is a passionate advocate for crafting innovative solutions that address real-world challenges and consistently deliver outstanding results for TechAhead's clients. As a strategic and creative leader, he specializes in driving revenue expansion, developing client-focused solutions, pioneering product innovations, and ensuring seamless program management.
Tripple: A unique inheritance-based social media app that nurtures your digital legacy

What happens when a social media user is no more? All the pictures, videos, posts, and memories are buried deep into the inter-web and lost forever.

Tripple is changing this by unleashing a new era of inheritance-based social media platforms which is centered around protecting & nurturing the users’ digital legacy.

TechAhead has been proudly associated with the team behind this powerful social media platform, and together we conceptualized, designed, developed, and launched this app, and attempted to transform social media.

Tripple: Creating & Nurturing your digital legacy

Tripple social media platform has been designed and developed to empower users, and give them more control over their information. Once a user joins Tripple, they can create Time Ripples, which will have all their past and present memories, which can also be experienced and viewed when they are no more.

Users will have full control over who is able to watch their Time Ripples in the future, which content will be showcased, and more.

Digital & Medical Wills

Tripple has been incubated with a unique feature of creating and passing on users’ Digital and Medical Will, which has been described as a game-changer moment for the entire social media landscape.

With absolute control and authority, Tripple users can create wills based on their medical history, healthcare details, digital assets, and social media information and assign ownership of these assets based on their will.

With Tripple, users can determine and finalize who will inherit their wills, and make decisions related to their will, even when they are no more.

Crypto-Supported social media platform

Tripple also allows users to buy and save crypto products such as NFTs within their profile, and create a portfolio of their digital and crypto assets.

Via their digital assets will, they can nominate those who can receive these assets in the future, and plan their exit in a systematic and logical way.

Charity endeavours in a centralized location

Since Tripple is a life-centric social media platform, it has taken care of all aspects related to life activities, and this includes charity as well.

With Tripple, users can find, log and record all charitable works, and share it with the world to inspire others, and to make a change in the world, with a collective force.

Council of elders

In real life, we always ask, learn, and get inspired by the elders and the experienced ones, who have witnessed the life and understood the problems before us.

Then why not on social media?


On Tripple, users can connect with Elders from the community, seek their guidance and help, and share knowledge with one another to make the entire ecosystem stronger, and more fruitful. Likewise, users can mentor and guide others, and solve bigger problems together.

Eliminating malice & negative vibes from social media

The founders of Tripple have a strong mission and vision to eliminate malice, false information, and negativity from the current crop of social media platforms.

With Tripple, they are creating and nurturing a unique social media platform, which inspires people to give, share and make a United world by empowering one another. With features such as Council of Elders and Charity, users of Tripple can experience a new, refreshing, and inspiring world of social media, leading to a bigger change for all.

The Digital Life of a user is shaped by their Digital Experiences, and this is where Tripple comes into the picture – Users can curate, create and save their Digital Legacy, and leave a trail of their favorite memories, which can stay forever.

You can download Tripple here.

To know more about the art and science of social media platforms, and to find out how our Mobile App Engineers and Social Media Architects can help you to create the next big social media platform, connect with us right here.

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