What the future of Mobile Technology Holds

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At a time and space when technology leads the chart, we are often faced with the question of who is the best. In the mobile space, Android and iOS are the two OS that are heading neck to neck in the competition. Although, there are enough and more users to lend loyalty to both platforms, I feel rather unsettled over the matter of ‘the ultimate winner’. The reason for this is that dominance and monopoly underplays innovation and ideas. Therefore, if you are tech geek to your very bones, the industry analysis of who is bad or good will never move you. Instead your quest for discovery shall be never ending or satisfying.

Since the onset of smartphone revolution which can be dated back to as late as 2007, the technology seems to have been only evolving for the better. A parallel industry that has evolved is the ‘mobile app development’ which has considerably risen along with prospects of much improvement. However, a big question is how much is more and which name will go all the way. The year 2012 saw a major jump in the mobile market, the effect of which is evident in the first quarter of 2013 as well. A major change we saw from last year was Samsung, a formidable partner of Google Android managing to carve repute amongst the niche audience.

For the longest time, Apple Inc. products namely the iPhone had an appeal with certain user type. And with Samsung going out and out to promote high end smartphones, Samsung S4 being the latest one on the bloc, Apple’s dominance in this spectrum seem to be slowly slipping away. However, the biggest surprise of the year, the iPhone 6 is yet to be unveiled. If, what we hear is correct, the brand new version of iPhone will be up for glimpse at the world’s developer’s conference in June this year. This new version of the phone is expected to have flat design and there will a major change in the UI as well. Once the phone is released, it will be worth noting, how well the phone is received in the market as well as the future of Apple Inc.

In last year’s facts and figures, Android emerged to be the clear winner, especially in the number game, however, iOS swiped the floor in the app revenue apartment. I feel by the end of this year, the reading will be no different. As per the industry reports the sale of Android smartphones in the first quarter of 2013 is still high. However, Apple’s iOS7 is still under way and it will be logical to determine the competition once it’s out there.

Amidst the usual and rather stale Android versus iOS battle, I have a strong feeling about the emergence of a third front. The third runner could be Windows, BlackBerry or whosoever, but it is a reason worth celebrating technology and innovation. A healthy competition unleashes creativity and development, which is important from all technological standards. For the longest time Microsoft remained complacent, until there was a potent threat emergence upon the popularity of smartphones. In their last minute attempt to salvage the sinking boat, they positioned themselves completely out of the box in the form of Windows 8, which failed to impress the users in more than one way.

Perhaps this is the calling and going forward Microsoft will working towards branding and popularizing Windows phone, which could also be the next big thing in the smartphone market. Similarly, we have high hopes with BlackBerry 10 as they seem to be working aggressively working towards building an image which is beyond a business phone. It will be interesting to watch, what the future of smartphone hold. But we are sure of one thing that it will be better and worth waiting for.

Manoj Verma

By Manoj VermaManoj Verma, is CTO at TechAhead Software, with over 12 years of technical experience with leading global organizations such as HP and CISCO in Project Management and System Design & Development. Manoj has worked in Logistics & Warehousing, Freight Management, Education, Online Trading, Portfolio Management, Project Management, E-commerce with POS, Social Networking, IVRS and Telephony, App Integration domains on process assessment and automation.