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TechAhead is Providing 24×7 Support to Help Clients’ Maintain Business Continuity During Coronavirus Outbreak

techahead is providing 24×7 support to help clients

Los Angeles, March 24th, 2020: TechAhead, a leading mobile app development services provider based in Agoura Hills, announced that the company is all geared up to help clients continue to operate during the testing times prevalent due to the coronavirus outbreak worldwide.

The preventive measures announced by Governments across the globe, ranging from social distancing to complete lockdown of cities or districts, have had a significant impact on business operations. Sectors such as aviation, travel, and tourism have been the hardest hit with cancellations and travel restrictions. Additionally, the supply chain has been impacted for hundreds of manufacturing companies around the world that have been sourcing from China. Estimates point to the outbreak likely to cost the global economy around $1-2 trillion in 2020.

For companies, it’s essential to maintain business continuity and get back on track once the supply chain is functional, employee safety is no longer a concern and when consumer demand bounces back during the post-pandemic recovery period.

It’s with this optimistic vision that TechAhead decided to be prepared to help its clients by offering 24*7 operational support to ensure that they can continue to operate through the testing times.

With a dedicated team of experts in all aspects of app development, companies can be assured of services around the clock for developing new apps or support and maintenance of existing ones. Besides a local presence in California, the company has an off-shore team of experts who work around the clock to ensure on-time and efficient delivery.

“Whether it’s to manage a remote workforce or to provide customers with timely services, a mobile app can make a world of difference in today’s digital economy,” says Vikas Kaushik, CEO of TechAhead. “We are committed to helping our clients during the outbreak so that their businesses can continue to function as optimally as possible in the current scenario. Our team may be working from home or on a tiered structure, but we are operational and all set to support our client’s business continuity requirements.”

Committed to success of our clients

In a world run by digital technology, the coronavirus outbreak has also highlighted the significant role of mobile apps. Whether it’s to help to track the movements of patients under home quarantine, provide help with contact tracing through location-based services or even to provide answers about the pandemic and its symptoms using a chatbot to ease the panic among the population, apps can simplify the process. Additionally, social distancing and work from home policies have highlighted the supply gap in sectors such as food/grocery delivery, health, and fitness at home and others, which companies and service providers can bridge with an app.

TechAhead is all set to meet the demand for app development and maintenance by providing 24*7 operational support with a strong support team, including project management experts as well as client servicing teams in the USA to ensure business continuity.

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An award-winning mobile app development company in the USA with a global clientele, TechAhead is reputed for exploring new technologies and using them to provide the best services to clients across the world. The company has experts who are skilled at developing apps for small and large companies as well as ambitious start-ups using newer technologies.

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