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Meet Our Client: ACDI

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US-based ACDI is a leading imaging solutions provider for businesses.
They offer cutting-edge software and hardware innovations in the
print management and imaging solutions domain.

We incubated a tech-fuelled innovation for ACDI,
by streamlining their communication and information
architecture. And this digital transformation
revolutionized their business operations.

The expectations from clients

ACDI has a massive line of print management and imaging solutions related software and
hardware products that are marketed and sold via thousands of dealers, resellers, and partners
spread all across the USA. The primary problem that ACDI faced was a lack of platform and sales
enablement tools: Their dealers and partners were not able to discover the right solutions
for their customers, and this stopped the organization’s overall growth.

We changed this by developing a cutting-edge sales enablement tool and a communication
medium for a seamless exchange of information. We enabled them to generate more business
and more profits, via technological innovation.


Sales Platform

ACDI wanted a robust, systematic, and seamless communication
platform for their dealers, partners, and resellers so that they are able to
get the right information, at the right time.


Information Management

With a massive line of different products in the software and hardware
domain, ACDI wished for streamlined information architecture, for easy
access to their data and catalog by the authorized personnel.


Mobile Based Access

And lastly, they wished for a mobile-centric platform for their
partners, dealers, and their customers. They wanted easy
access to their product catalog, via mobile.


Our secret recipe

We deeply studied our client’s market, their modus operandi for generating revenues,
and found out the pain points of their dealers, partners, and vendors. We conducted targeted
research within their organization to figure out what stopped their overall growth, and how
more revenues can be generated, by enabling better sales, product discovery
and creating a robust mobile-based platform.


Sales enablement tool

We developed a powerful and systematic sales enablement tool for their dealers,
resellers and partners, that helped them to search the right products for their
customers in real-time. With seamless communication features and search options,
the sales enablement tool proved to be a gamechanger for ACDI.


Enhanced Information Architecture

We developed an enhanced and highly advanced information architecture for their entire
catalog of products and services that created seamless information access for their customers
and partners. With a systematic and seamless information architecture with clearly marked
categories and navigation, ACDI was able to generate more sales and more revenues.


Mobile-Centric Platform For Android, iOS

We leveraged the fascinating features of Kotlin for launching their Android app, and
Swift for launching their iOS app, which provided them with mobile-centric platforms
for their customers and dealers. We used Python for developing advanced REST
APIs for seamless information exchange.

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With a powerful and feature-rich sales enablement tool, ACDI was able to empower its dealers
and resellers with the right product information, and helped them to generate more business, in
real-time. Armed with cutting-edge communication channels and a user-friendly mobile platform,
we laid a solid foundation for consistent business growth and success for our client.

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