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Attracted millions of views
with powerful tech stack

TechAhead partnered with LallanTop, one of the biggest news, and opinion portals to revolutionize their
content offerings, and provided a powerful tech-fuelled platform that can scale & adapt as per the
business requirements. We transformed their website, create a new mobile app, and enabled them to
attract millions of readers.

Mobile & Digital Architects at TechAhead
structured a tech and design-powered solution that
empowered Lallantop to surge ahead with
unprecedented ROI.

Triggering More Engagement & Action

Earlier, Lallantop just used to publish news stories and opinions, and readers used to
access them. And the cycle ended. We changed this by introducing next-level engagement
focussed design and features, that generated more engagement and more user-
generated content for maximum output.


Visual stories

We deployed an interface that enabled Lallantop content developers to create and share
visual stories, which enabled them to attract new audiences, who stayed back longer, and
helped them to generate more revenues


Real-time polls

With real-time polls feature on their revamped website and new mobile app, Lallantop was
able to generate more engagement from their existing audience and nurtured a loyal
community of users.


Live videos

TechAhead incorporated a live video section on their website and mobile app, wherein their
team can stream live stories and reports for their user base, thereby enabling more real-time
content and viewership.


Attracting More Traffic & Genuine Readers

Besides enhancing Lallantop’s user interface with pathbreaking features, we structured their
website and app architecture in a way that enabled them to attract more organic traffic,
resulting in more pageviews, more interactions, and an extraordinary ROI from their tech


Registered users

To ensure that only genuine and authentic readers are able to engage with the
platform, we incorporated login and registration of new users. This way, only registered
and verified users can comment on the stories, and access exclusive content.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the Holy Grail for getting organic traffic. We
deployed advanced SEO features on the website and mobile app, which enabled
LallanTop to generate millions of views and traffic from Google searches.


Website & Mobile App Speed

When it comes to a content-centric platform, then speed is a critical element. Our system
architects understood the requirements and deployed a powerful server architecture that
enhanced their page and screen loading speed, and offered a delightful user experience.

Diversified News
Diversified News

The control lies with the readers, as they can
seamlessly access different news, topics, and
subjects, as per their needs.

High-Quality Podcasts
High-Quality Podcasts

High-quality podcasts with crystal-clear
clarity and buffer-less playback for ensuring
a stunning user experience.

Multi-Author Portal
Multi-Author Portal

Supports multiple authors, spanning
across different genres and niches, aided with
seamless navigation and discoverability.


With TechAhead’s business and tech consultancy, Lallantop transformed from
a news and opinion website to a powerhouse of content, fuelled by user
engagement and loyalty, generating millions of pageviews, and ensuring
unstoppable success.


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