Ensuring a delightful dining
experience with pre-ordered Meals


Seamless Dining Experience With Tabz

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TechAhead conceptualized and developed a unique food pre-ordering app, that
enabled restaurants to generate more sales via dine-in bookings, and ensured a delightful
user experience by leveraging the power of human-first design experience and powerful
technology stack. With Tabz, we ensured that both restaurants and foodies
are able to connect & transact seamlessly.

  • Client: Tabz

  • Industry: Food Delivery

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Delightful dining
experience with Tabz

Traditionally, visiting a restaurant and having a meal translates to lots of hassles and headaches.
There is no guarantee that the customer will get a table at the restaurant, and once the table is booked,
there is an eternal waiting time to get the dishes, and then more waiting time to make the
bill payments. This is how TechAhead solved these problems with Tabz.


Reserve table without any hassles

TechAhead deployed advanced restaurant reservation algorithms and logic
to ensure that customers are able to reserve their tables from the comfort of
their homes. Based on location, reviews, availability, and more, customers can
reserve their table, hassle-free, and ensure a great dining experience.


Pre-order meals & save time

Team TechAhead brainstormed ideas and induced innovation into the entire
dining experience by enabling the pre-ordering of meals at restaurants. This way,
customers can not only reserve their table, but also order their meals via Tabz,
and once they enter the restaurant, their meals are ready to be served.


Instant online payments

Once the customer finishes the meal, they can simply get up, and move out.
We enabled Tabz to ensure seamless, swift, and instant online payments of all the
meal orders at the restaurant, which translates to a delightful user experience
and saves a considerable amount of time for the customer.


One unified, & feature-rich dashboard

We empowered restaurants to have more control, insights and business intelligence with a
unified dashboard, that helps them to have a 360-degree view of their business. With a single glance,
they can find out how many tables are booked, upcoming bookings, payments, pending bills, menu
management and more. With Tabz, restaurants can make the right business decision at the time.

More revenues & more
happy customers for restaurants

Under the traditional model of dining, restaurants lose a major chunk of revenues, due to a
lack of planning and system in the table reservation process. Often customers need to wait
for their tables, and a majority of them opt out if the waiting period is more. This means not
only less revenue but also upset customers. This is how TechAhead changed this, with Tabz.


Increased revenues with systematic table reservation

TechAhead understood the inherent problems faced by restaurants in managing
their table reservation, which results in less revenue. With Tabz, restaurants are now
able to generate more revenues, with a completely online, and availability-based table
reservation system. Now, customers can book their tables instantly, and systematically.


Split bill option for complete transparency

System Engineers at TechAhead deployed a powerful and user-centric split bill system
in Tabz, which enabled the host to split the bills, based on their specific orders. This
means completely transparent and fair bill-sharing among all the guests, and the
best part is that it works completely online, without any human interference.


Easy guest co-ordination for a delightful UX

By deploying a powerful technology stack, and a human-first design methodology,
customers can now easily coordinate all guests who are arriving at the restaurant,
and send them timely notifications and alerts about the reservation.

seamless table booking
Seamless table booking

Users can swiftly reserve their tables at
their favorite restaurants, and pre-order their
meals so that they are able to save time, and
have an amazing dining experience.

power of choice
Power of choice

Foodies can check restaurants, reviews,
menus, and more before finalizing the
tables, which means that the power
of choice is with them.

pre-book meals
Pre-book meals

Customers can save their time by pre-booking
the meals at their favorite restaurants, even
before starting from their homes! By the time
they reach the restaurant, their meals are ready.

Outcome: Win-Win For Both Restaurants & Food Lovers

Tabz is a one-of-its-kind food pre-ordering & dine-out app developed by
TechAhead, that connects foodies with restaurants, and enables both parties
to have a satisfying & delightful experience.


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