Why Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Needs to be More Mobile

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Why Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Needs to be More Mobile

TechAhead Team

TechAhead Team

April 24, 2017   |   856 Views

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Why Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Needs to be More Mobile

A common myth prevalent among entrepreneurs is that there is no use of their ERP system to go mobile as it isn’t a customer-facing application. However, it is a completely wrong perception as ERP, if made mobile, can bring in data efficiency by real-time data capturing, stronger customer support, enhanced productivity and various other features that can speed up the growth and prosperity of an digital enterprise architechture.

Let’s have an in-depth look at how it is no more of an option now but has become a necessity to go mobile with the ERP system of your company.

Enhanced Data Efficiency

Manually entering data through the ERP system in your database, although provides flexibility; however, it is not absolutely reliable. The reason for its unreliability arises due to the fact that ultimately the data handler is responsible for inputting the data and in an event where they have missed a figure or misplaced important data; the results could prove to be dreadful for your business. On the other hand, data generated through real-time capturing with the help of mobile ERP and directly inputting into the system allows data efficiency and more control over the data.


Better Customer Service

A mobile ERP system will allow your employees to promptly respond to the queries of the clients and/or customers through the integrated smartphones. Going mobile with an ERP system will not only helping in providing better services to the customers but will also boost up your sales as there will be more channels through which you will be able to reach up to the customers and sell your products and/or services on the go.

mobile customer service for enterprise


ERP systems were particularly designed for handling the resources of an organization. However, with the mobile ERP system, there are countless benefits that can be enjoyed by the entrepreneurs. It gives the employees a proper workflow as they have to follow all the laid out steps to complete a process which helps in maintaining the high standard of your organization. Furthermore, it can also serve the function of enhanced employee management.

Enhanced Flexibility

It is actually a daunting process to change your existing ERP system or make amendments in it. However, the budding entrepreneurs can avail the use modern technological events i.e. mobile ERP to develop such a platform for their business that can be easily modified as per the changing times to enhance the productivity of their business. Due to the advancement in technology, newer trends are arising every now and then which are cost-efficient and reliable than ever; hence, your business should be built on such a platform that could accommodate all the modern changes whenever required.

The long and short of this write-up is that if you are not going mobile with your ERP, you are definitely missing out on the golden opportunities to enhance the productivity and growth of your business. It may seem to be a daunting process at first, but the benefits you will reap from it will prove to be most valuable for your business.

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TechAhead Team

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