Mobile App Testing Automation: Need and Available Tools

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Mobile applications have completely transformed our lives. With the touch of an option, one can easily access any amount of information such as receiving directions to a location, booking flight tickets, order a cab service, and much more. The shift from the more traditional desktops to smartphones has resulted in an increase in the demand for mobile applications. As of April 2012, there were more than 1 million apps on the 2 leading app stores combined (Apple App Store and Google Play Store).

Businesses are realizing that mobile is the best way to reach highest number of customers. As apps are rising in value chain, the need for quality testing these apps is also increasing. The number of smartphones having different features and specifications are also increasing daily and this poses increasing challenges to the app testers.

Why Automate Testing? Mobile application testing is often very repetitive testing and time consuming, With Automation, one can define a test once and then execute it multiple times thus reducing the time, cost and increasing the productivity, increasing test coverage, reducing human errors. In short, automated mobile app testing saves precious time spent in running manually one and the same tests over and over again with each new build of the application. It also improves the stability of the application and decreases regression bugs by making it easy to run tests after each non-trivial code change or even at the end of each development day.

What are some good options to perform Automated testing for mobile apps?

1) MonkeyTalk (earlier FoneMonkey): This tool supports Flex, Web, iOS and Android apps. It records all actions with the smartphone or tablet  (while in use) and plays them back as a test script at any time. Enables interactive creation, editing and playback of automation scripts that exercise an application’s user interface.

2) AppGrader: This tool currently supports Android Apps, with iOS apps support coming soon. Upload your app’s APK to test it on a range of devices. See how well your app performs during installation and launch, get crash reports and see how your app stacks up against other popular apps in its category.

3) TestFlight: It is a free tool that makes testing on iOS platforms easy by automating the distribution of the app and provisioning files easy. Beyond that, TestFlight enables setting checkpoints in your app, asking questions of testers and collecting answers at those checkpoints, providing detailed test session logs, keeping track of app crashes, and also keeping track of which parts of the app are popular with users.

4) Apphance: Apphance is an all-in-one mobile tool that provides over-the-air app distribution; automatically collects and reports crash data (and other pertinent device data at the time of the crash) and offers in-app bug reporting and user feedback.

5) Test Studio: Test Studio for iOS is a mobile testing solution. You can record and playback automated tests of your mobile apps and websites. You can also record feedback and submit it to the developers. Also features full support for testing native & hybrid mobile apps.

6) Robotium: Robotium is an open source test framework created to make it easy to write powerful and robust automatic black-box test cases for Android applications. With the support of Robotium, test case developers can write function, system and acceptance test scenarios, spanning multiple Android activities.

mobile apps automation testing tool

There is no doubt that Automated testing of mobile apps is becoming essential as more and more apps enter the app stores and new features are rolled out as updates to existing ones.

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Vikas Kaushik

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