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Online talent app
with breathtaking features

Leaderboard is not just an app, but a talent-fuelled community that celebrates art.
Dancers, singers, musicians, comedians, acrobats, models, and others can become part
of a thriving artistic community and can attain stardom via 1-minute videos. They can get
instant ratings, get opportunities to work with clients and polish their skills in real-time..

Kaleidoscope of talent

The biggest USP for performers and artists while using Leaderboard is recognition.
This platform is like a kaleidoscope of talent and art, which is being viewed by a large audience,
eager to share their feedback and reviews in real-time. With such an active community of
admirers and critics for support and encouragement, the artists get a morale boost to
give their best. And cement their path towards stardom.

We are empowering artists with
real-time recognition

Feedback, attention, and competition are the elements that fuel an artist and push them
to break their own barriers. And this is what we did for Leaderboard: We incorporated
a real-time ranking of all the participants, based on votes from real audiences,
who judge their performance, stacked against local and global competition.
Artists can view their ranking, and become instant celebrities.

How we made leaderboard
a hub for artists,


Duet: Collaborate with other artists in 60 Seconds

Once a 60-second video has been uploaded by an artist, another artist can collaborate with
them, and perform a duet, based on the original video. In a duet, the other artist can perform
the same dance or musical as done by the first artist and then let the viewers decide, whether
this duet has merit or not. The likes, comments, and views of the duet will belong to the
second artist and has to be performed within the same layout.


Battle: Fight with other artists in an open arena

Battle is a healthy competition between two artists, performed in an open arena, and watched
by all viewers, at the same time. An artist can send ‘battle requests’ to other artists, and then
both shall perform for 60 seconds, and both the videos will be displayed at the same time,
for 24 hours. The one who gets maximum views and likes in that 24 hour period is
declared the winner, and the leaderboard is accordingly updated.


Socialize, collaborate & develop connections

Leaderboard’s primary focus is to nurture and develop a community of artists, who can
communicate with each other, and share their feedback, views, and insights to empower one
another. Users can share their comments on every video, connect with the artists in real-time,
and develop life-long connections which can help them to move up the ladder via brand
collaborations, advertisements, and endorsement deals. Leaderboard propels
all the participants to win, and become celebrities.

60-Seconds of fame

Here, the primary USP is 60-seconds videos: In a minute, the artist needs to exhibit their talent, and win this world.

Discover stunning talent

Users can discover and appreciate talented artists, based on numerous categories and filters, and forge a connection with them.

Colab | Compete | Socialize

Artists can not only collaborate and compete but also socialize and develop life-long connections and friendships.


Our team at TechAhead decoded the pain points of the target audience and deployed
an intuitive and immersive design philosophy to develop one of the most comprehensive
community-centric talent discovery apps, that is unleashing an art and dance revolution across
the world. We used some of the most powerful tech stacks to ensure that talented artists are
able to showcase their talent in 60 seconds and connect with other artists in real-time.


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