First and foremost, mobile technology can be used to keep classes organized and running smoothly. For example, there are amazing applications out there for things like monitoring the behavior of students, keeping track of grades, and even choosing the classroom seating arrangement. It’s easier than ever to take care of these tasks that used to represent tons of bookkeeping for teachers.
Plenty of applications have been developed that work well as assessment tools. These are really fantastic when it comes to aligning your classroom activities with Common Core, since they give you a chance to dig deeper into how individual students are progressing with certain kinds of work. That, in turn, can help you to tailor future projects to students’ needs more efficiently.


Teachers who are in charge of specialized electives and other classes that enhance the general curriculum will find plenty of software that helps them introduce fun and exciting projects to kids. For example, there are programs for teaching computer programming and other technology, programs for advanced science projects like dissections, and much more. Kids love getting into these.
Last but certainly not least, there’s a wealth of software for teaching the bedrock curriculum. From reading to math to history and geography, it’s all there. Many apps can provide teachers with hundreds of hours of pre-designed, age-appropriate activities that can stand in as classroom assignments or be used to enhance understanding of the local curriculum.
No matter how you use mobile devices in the classroom, they are a great way to help students stay engaged while giving teachers instructional advantages that they never had before. Who knows what kind of great hardware and software will be just around the corner? Kids and teachers have a world of exciting educational adventures ahead of them.