Developing Apps for University Students: Key Considerations
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Key Points to Consider When Developing Apps for University Students

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Shanal Aggarwal

Shanal Aggarwal

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Key Points to Consider When Developing Apps for University Students

Developing apps for university students is very much in demand. University students form a big chunk of app users. According to comScore 2015 U.S. Mobile App Report, millennials spend 90 hours per month of smartphone apps alone, and it is a very big number. University students require apps for a variety of services. Examples of such apps are apps for dining options, study centers, cabs, movie tickets, and event booking. Your app should be focused on what you need to deliver. 

So what are the points to be kept in mind while developing apps for university students? Let us take a look.

Determine your goal

As university students have specific needs for which they require the app, what is required is that you highlight and determine well in advance what your goal is. Is the app focused on finding and using a cab service, is it to book an event or a movie, is it geared towards music and entertainment, or is an app for connecting the student to a university academic circle or support group? Once you decide what is the goal, it becomes easy to develop a user-friendly app that is easy for the university students to use and is of great support and help to them. An app that is attractive but offers little in the form of support and help is of no use to anyone. And university students are impatient to reach their goals which means that they will be quick to discharge an app that is of no use to them.

Purpose of developing the app

You must also determine what is the aim of developing the app. Is it for the purpose of marketing? If yes, then the app must be geared to that end and ensure that the products and schemes offered by the app are attractive to university students and offer an incentive to them to access the app. You must also ensure that the purpose of the app is met without sacrificing on a friendly user interface and an attractive, useful, and informative design and appeal geared at attracting and keeping the attention of the university students. Similarly, if your app is geared towards providing suitable dining service, then the app should be designed in such a way that the students are able to access, compare and book dining venues easily.

Keep resources in line with expectation
It is easy to go overboard when developing an app and when the audience is university students then there is a plethora of art and design options available for you. However, it is imperative that the app is designed within the budget and the constraints. Ensure that the budget is met while estimating the cost at the design stage itself. Designing a useful and easy to maneuver app is the most important aspect of designing an app. Make sure that all the systems that your app is integrated with or dependent on are successfully integrated into the app software. The best option when in doubt is to steer away from complexity and to keep things at a fundamental level. This will be easy to design, implement, execute, evaluate as well as modify if required.

Test your app

It is important to test the app that you have developed before launching it in the market. This is because many glitches can be caught if an app is tested properly before launching the app. Map the actual app features against the approved app design and ensure that the features you consider important to the app’s success in appealing to the university students have found a place in the final app design. This is important. There are many modifications that can be introduced while implementing and executing app designs. Thus, ensure that the app has a user-friendly interface, appealing design, easy-to-access features and other important features. Run a sample test on a group of university students in order to get honest and true feedback. Then make sure that the problems are handled before launching the app. If required, run a test again. This will ensure that the app, when launched in the market meets with success!

These 4 are important points and if followed correctly, can help your app succeed, especially among the University Students. Remember you need to have an app that is useful for the users and works great as well. If you have an app idea, get in touch with our app development company. We have created app success stories for many of our partners, and we can do it for YOU as well. 

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