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IoT Healthcare

Smart healthcare solutions​

Design, develop, and deliver smart IoT health solutions to track patient’s health status,
track hospital assets, and deliver better health outcomes to patients.

Smart Healthcare Solutions​​

Smart healthcare: making
healthcare intelligent

Improve patient-treatment, reduce errors & provide faster disease-diagnosis
to promote preventive healthcare and cut costs​.

  • 74%

    Health Information​

    Percentage of people willing to share
    their lifestyle info digitally if it can result
    in better health outcomes by physicians.

  • $135bn


    The expected worldwide market
    size of smart wearables to capture
    and monitor health data.

  • $300bn

    Cost Savings

    Expected cost savings in health
    treatment in US alone through the
    usage of Smart healthcare solutions.

  • 75bn​

    Cost Savings

    Smart healthcare IoT devices projected
    to be deployed across the globe in the
    healthcare industry by 2025.

Smart healthcare application
development services

Hospital Asset Tracking​

Hospital Asset Tracking​

Offer personalized recommendations and discounts
to customers on their phones and upgrade their
overall shopping experience​.

Remote Patient Monitoring​

Remote Patient Monitoring​

Track patients’ adherence to the treatment plans
and keep a more effective check with the help
of IoT enabled monitoring equipment.

Personal Health Monitoring​

Personal Health Monitoring​

Leverage the capabilities of the wearables to
monitor and give real-time alerts on individual
health-related parameters​.

Smart Health Insurance​​​

Smart Health Insurance​​​

Capture the data from healthcare devices of the
patients for analysis to detect any fraudulent claims
and identify prospects for underwriting.​

Smart healthcare IoT consulting

  • Device Hardware

    Device Hardware
  • Device Software

    Device Software
  • Communications

  • Cloud Platform

    Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Apps

    Cloud Apps
Enhance patient experience and provide better health outcomes, saving patients’ lives and health costs.

Enhance patient experience
and provide better health outcomes,
saving patients’ lives and health costs.

  • Secure and encrypted patient data
    using secure connectivity protocols.
  • Monitoring for better outcomes
    beyond the walls of the hospital.
  • Connected clinical trial by automatizing patient data to substantially reduce cost.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How does the healthcare industry benefit from IoT?

    IoT in healthcare has drastically benefitted the industry largely by driving down costs, making patient experience better and less scope of human errors and waste. It has also improved the outcomes of treatment and has ensured a better management of drugs and medicine adherence. IoT solutions in healthcare also provide a real-time location system for hospitals and other medical facilities.

    What are the examples of IoT healthcare diagnostic devices?

    Some examples IoT diagnostic devices are as follows:

    • Smart continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)
    • Closed-loop (automated) insulin delivery
    • Connected inhalers
    • Ingestible sensors for medicine adherence
    • Connected contact lenses
    • Apple Watch app that monitors depression
    • Coagulation testing for blood clots
    • ADAMM Asthma Monitor

    How smart healthcare devices and IoT in healthcare are reshaping the healthcare Industry?

    IoT in healthcare is transforming the healthcare industry by helping in early detecting and better diagnosis of diseases, and in turn customizing patient monitoring. IoT also paves the way for smart hospitals that thereby less paper and better record keeping. There is now the integration of AR into IoT thereby drastically transforming operations and surgeries. Wearables can be used to track health vitals, and mobile healthcare (mHealth) helps in case of medical emergencies.

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