Digital Platform to Create and Share Stories

EpicGem pass Grandparent’s personalized wisdom to the next generation


EpicGem is a digital platform that help grandparents create and share stories (called “Gems”) with their kids. Individual Gems consist of a series of pages, each containing a combination of textual, visual, and audio information.

Project Summary

Client wanted us to create a digital platform which can help families bond together across geographies and generations through stories without compromising on personal information.

What we did

We developed an end to end digital platform for EpicGem to help grandparents create and share stories using desktop and tablet app. Platform allows grandparents to create personalized stories in their own words, in their own voice and with their own custom photos.


Creating Stories Effortlessly

EpicGem stories are created by elderly grandparents and they are not tech savvy. We designed the app with easy user interfaces helping grandparents create stories effortlessly.


Multiple UI Components Support

Applications has many different UI components within a screen, and managing them on hundreds of android handsets was a big challenge. We designed the screens based on ratios, and percentages to give identical experience across devices.


Attractive Animation Stories

Primary users of the EpicGem application are kids, so it was very important to show stories attractively with bells and whistles. We created Native bridges for Android & iOS separately to support TextEditor and CurlPage animation libraries which were not available in React Native.

Technology Stack

  • React Native

    React Native

  • Angular


  • Linux


  • Node.js


  • MySQL


  • Azure


  • JSON


TechAhead designed “Single Tap Access” functionality to open Gems (stories), which increased user engagement by over 100%


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    Phone : +91 120 6039900

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