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Health Record Management App – Connecting doctors with patients – delivering tangible results, making a difference
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Closeloops enables doctors and patients to access case data anywhere, anytime – leading to real-time updates, enhanced case management, and timely intervention by caregivers.

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Project Summary

The client wanted to create an innovative, scalable platform for doctors and patients, which can help health practitioners monitor patient data anywhere, anytime, and provide timely intervention to critical cases and save lives. Further, the application should have secure access, database encryption with a distributed data management system.

What we did

We researched health practitioners’ wants and needs and how they manage patient records. We designed the user journeys and interfaces in close collaboration with doctors and patients, with a user-first mindset, thus helping the client win new accounts. We built a highly secure enterprise app with data protection, secure access management, database encryption using, and distributed data management systems.

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Robust Scalable Application

We developed a highly scalable, highly secure application with robust architecture and quick response time in milliseconds. Application is developed using AWS server and can handle huge userbase with ease.

To optimize system performance, we used advanced algorithms and best tech practices – leading to smooth transitions and workflows.

Robust Scalable Application


Chat Functionality

We implement a socket-based chat system that enables doctors and physicians to communicate easily with real-time notifications. Separate scalable servers are set up to support chat management as well as massive userbase.

Chat Functionality

Anytime, anywhere case data

We developed a robust and scalable secure enterprise application capable of handling substantial concurrent users. Health Practitioners and patients can access their case data anytime, anywhere, with increased efficiency. Patients can also receive timely updates about their case status and further proceedings.

Anytime, anywhere case data

Technology Stack

  • Angular


  • Node.js


  • AWS


  • Twilio


Team TechAhead has been very professional and has worked very efficiently. I am impressed with the final product and can’t wait to work with you more as it evolves. Really appreciate!


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