SaaS-Based Robust Ad Engine for Advertisers

We designed Ad Platform which delivers more bang for your advertisement dollars


Aderang is a disruptive ad platform which helps advertisers serve highly targeted and engaging video ads to the users.

Project Summary

Only 25% of ads reach real people, costing advertisers loss of over $7B USD. Aderang wanted to disrupt ad business with a SaaS based robust Ad engine which allow advertisers to target verified users, pre-screen users with questions, provides direct wishlist and buy links.

What we did

We designed a robust, scalable SaaS-based Ad Engine which allows advertisers to serve highly targeted video ads to pre-screen qualified users on a real-time basis. Advertisers can also start a conversation with their customers, send them direct buy links resulting in higher conversion and more bang for every advertising dollar.


Ad Engine with Insights

We designed Ad Engine, which allows advertisers to create survey questions for users on a real-time basis helping advertisers quickly gain market insights and data before the launch of the new campaign.


Geo-targeting customer base

Advertiser can target campaigns based on the target country, city and interests. Ad engine verifies every consumer’s engagement level with the targeted ad and users are only paid when they have paid attention while watching the ad.

Watch Advertisement, Get Paid

Aderang’s Ad Engine encourage and engage the user by rewarding them for watching the advertisement and attempting the questionnaire associated with the advertisement. We developed Ad watch metering system which calculates exact money to be paid to the user based on engagement.

Technology Stack

  • Angular


  • Node.js


  • MySQL


  • Azure


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