Numbers and Counting

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    More Counting

    This collection of colorful games facilitates interactive learning.

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    Count Us In

    The Australian Broadcasting Corporation provides a kid-friendly counting game with colorful pictures.

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    Count Me to Sheep

    Beloved children’s character “The Count” helps young children count sheep in an engaging video.

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    Count by Twos

    This counting game is ideal for kindergarten-age children.


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    Numbers Machine

    Make the number larger than the hacker’s machine, but watch out: the hacker is a trickster!

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    Connect Four

    Play the classic game Connect Four with a mathematical twist.

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    The games on this page work on building multiplication skills for younger students.


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    The Legend of Dick and Dom: Decimals Play

    A BBC decimals game uses a CGI animated video.

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    Decimals Games

    This decimals game builds on skills developed in the decimals workshop, also online.

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    The Decifractor

    Use the “decifractor” to instantly turn fractions into decimals; guess the results before they appear for a challenging game.


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    Fractions Games

    These fractions-themed games cover addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

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    Adding Fractions

    Learn to add fractions in this engaging Shockwave-based game from the Family Education Network.

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    Fraction Beach

    Build a sand castle by knowing your fractions.


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    Create a Graph

    In this game, you can create your very own graph.

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    Graph and Tally

    Use these games to practice your skills with bar graphs, picture graphs, Venn diagrams and more.


  • knowledge center Money Games

    This government-managed website features many kid-friendly educational games about counting coins or bills and adding them up.

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    The Mint: Fun for Kids

    For educational activities, look to the, an educational website backed by the American Library Association.

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    CPALMS Money Worksheet

    This worksheet is designed to help students practice counting coins.

  • knowledge center Value and Counting Coins

    Over 30 videos about coins and counting help elementary-age children learn.

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    Coin Genius Lite

    A free downloadable application lets young children practice coin counting skills with flash cards.


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    Bang on Time

    Adjust the speed of the clocks’ hands and read the time to set the clock.

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    What Time is it?

    Wind the clock and then practice telling whatever time it shows.

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    Clock Talk

    Here students can practice..