IT Staffing Challenges Solved by TechAhead for Global firms
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Top 5 challenges of IT staffing & how TechAhead is solving them for global businesses

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Mukul Mayank

Mukul Mayank

Mukul boasts a proven track record in delivering innovative solutions within budget and on time, meeting clients' objectives while opening new business opportunities. In his role as COO at TechAhead, Mukul's visionary leadership is the driving force behind the company's success in the ever-evolving tech industry.
Top 5 challenges of IT staffing & how TechAhead is solving them for global businesses

In a post-pandemic world, there is a boom in the IT services industry, and talent is hard to locate. Even if a company is able to locate a talented employee, retention is a major issue since most highly skilled employees have more than one offer on the plate, and the attrition level is at an all-time high.

The habit of remote work, along with video conferencing as a valid replacement for meetings has unleashed a new set of problems in the IT staffing domain, and companies are scrambling to hire the best talent for their IT and software projects.

Fortunately, TechAhead has understood these new challenges of IT staffing and has come up with a unique set of solutions that are empowering IT companies to ensure timely delivery of projects, and higher ROI at the same time.

With decades of experience in IT staffing, recruitment, and retention strategies, TechAhead is setting new benchmarks in this niche.

Here are the top 5 challenges of IT staffing, and how TechAhead is solving them for global businesses:

Just in time recruitment

When it comes to small and medium-sized IT companies, then on-demand hiring or Just In Time hiring is one of the biggest challenges: They need talented and skilled IT employees only when a project is finalized, since they cannot afford to put employees on the bench, and then wait for projects.

With TechAhead’s stellar IT staffing solution, this problem is solved with ease. TechAhead’s staffing solutions are tailor-made for such unique, on-demand recruitment, so that the IT companies need not spend a large amount of money in anticipation of new projects, and pay only for those hires, which are actually needed.

Balance of cost & experience

Experienced IT employees are expensive, and hiring them for critical projects is a big problem for IT companies: With no guarantee of their next big project, the IT companies are often in a dilemma whether to hire expensive experienced employees or go for low-cost, less experienced employees.

Since TechAhead provides staffing solutions with a unique model, there is always a balance of cost and experience with us, that empowers IT companies to fully leverage the skills of experienced employees, without spending a fortune to hire them.

We ensure that our clients are able to not only hire the best, most experienced talent but also their recruitment plans are covered within the budget, ensuring timely delivery and higher ROI.

Retention of talented employees

In the US, on average, a full-time employee changes jobs every 3.33 years, and overall does more than 12 jobs in their lifetime. And once a full-time employee quits, it takes between 30-70 days for the company to fill the void created by the departure.

And it sucks away productivity.

TechAhad solves this problem by ensuring that talented employees provided by our IT staffing services are not only retained for a longer duration but also are able to provide value-add to the overall productivity and output of your company.

The secret behind retaining employees is understanding their needs, and providing them with a long-term vision of their roles and responsibilities, and we at TechAhead are experts in that. This translates to consistent, and ROI-centric IT staffing for your company, and more results at fewer expenses.

Contracts & OKRs

There is a ton of paperwork involved with the hiring of new, full-time employees, especially in the IT sector: If we leave insurance and health benefits, then there is NDA, disclosure, contracts, and more that need to be handled beforehand.

Often, IT firms are forced to spend a considerable amount of time and resources to manage these, but not anymore.

TechAhead has established a clear-cut protocol and system for creating contracts, NDAs, and other essential documents for hiring IT employees, and our clients are saved from all this hassle and paperwork for good. Once you choose TechAhead for IT staffing, then all these formalities, including the establishment of OKRs, are handled by our team.

This means that our clients are able to focus on the main tasks related to the projects and ensure more productivity and more results.

Employee on-boarding, training

Employee onboarding and training are considered to be a big, time-consuming but essential task for IT companies when they hire new full-time employees.

But with TechAhead- a top IT outsourcing company, this is solved seamlessly.

Our team for IT Staffing will ensure smooth on-boarding of new employees, handle all the paperwork, and also provide quick and impactful training for ensuring that the employees are productive from day 1, and are able to deliver results that matter.

Are you searching for scalable, and feasible solutions for IT Staffing? Do you wish to hire experienced and talented employees, but have less budget for the same?

We at TechAhead can help you right away!

With more than 12 years of experience in the IT industry, we are a pioneer in IT staffing solutions, with some unique features such as Pay As You Go, Dedicated on-demand recruitment, managed recruitment service, and more.

Consult with our recruitment team, and start the hiring process for your company, right away!

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