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Free or Open Source Software (FOSS) refers to software that is available for use in the Source Code form. This is in contrast with licensed software where the source code remains with the owner of the copyright. As the source code is accessible by anyone, FOSS allows developers to use, modify and redistribute the software freely with minimum restrictions.

PHP Development dates back to 1994, when Rasmus Lerdorf a Danish programmer, created a set of CGI binaries written in the C language, which were called “Personal Home Page Tools”, it helped him in maintaining his personal homepage. Later, Lerdorf announced the release of PHP on Usenet in the year 1995.

Commonly used Open Source Software includes PHP Technology, Linux, Apache and MYSQL, among others. The advantages of Open Source Software are:

Affordability -Applications can be downloaded for free, thus making them readily available to a wide audience at practically no cost. Open Source also comes with low execution, maintenance and debugging costs.

Low Investment -In addition, Open Source Software runs on the Apache Web Server, which in turn runs on Windows, Linux, Solaris, and various other UNIX platforms. This means that whatever server investments have been made, can be utilized without incurring additional costs.

Redistribution -Since licenses are open there are hardly any restrictions on the use or redistribution of the software, and the deployment of apps based on Open Source technology.

Accessibility -One of the main reasons for FOSS technology gaining popularity is that users have access to the source code thereby making it easier to fix faults and integrate applications, as they can understand which programs would work best with the software based on the way the source code is written.

Speed -Using open source applications and pre-packaged PHP modules for application development can save around 30% – 40% of the development time.

Adaptability -With Open Source you are not affected by the restrictions imposed on the use of proprietary or commercial software. You don’t have to rely on the manufacturer to release the next version if something doesn’t work and don’t have to pay for expensive upgrades.

Flexibility -Open source software such as PHP is endowed with other benefits, such as native support for many popular databases, an extensible architecture, and a processor, which uses fewer resources on the server than many of its competitors.

At TechAhead, our technical team has vast experience in working with FOSS to provide clients with solutions that are cost effective and delivered within time-frames. Some of the areas that our developers are experienced in include:

  • Platforms – XAMP and LAMP
  • PHP Development
  • Content Management systems – PHPNuke,Drupal, Joomla and Mambo
  • E-commerce systems – osCommerce and Zen Cart
  • Client side scripting concepts -HTML, DHTML, AJAX, XML, AJAX, Java Script and others
  • Learning Management System ( LMS) -Moodle

Are you looking for Open Source Application development services,TechAhead provides you with the necessary skills and expertise required to create amazing applications for your business, which is just in time and within your reach. to get the process started.

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