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With iOS being the leading mobile platform, iPhone apps are among the most sought after. While every brand and business wants a presence on App Store, only a handful make it past Apple’s stringent controls.

It takes a skilled iPhone developer to achieve the difficult task of creating superior user experience as it requires a combination of technical expertise, creativity and good design.

About 7 years ago on June 11 2007 at WWDC 2007 conference Apple announced that it will support third party applications, which opened doors for iPhone developers and allowed them to showcase their work. Apple also gave the iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK) to developers so they could create amazing Apps without any hassles.

The free SDK can be downloaded after registration with an Apple ID, programmers can create Apps which run on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and test them using the simulator. Once a developer has created an App he has to pay some fees to Apple and to get on the App Store. After a 5-7 days of stringent review process (depending upon App size and other factors), Apple allows the App to go live. At TechAhead we take care of all these complexities so you can enjoy the fruits.  

iOS Apps have always been the first choice of developers, despite the high number of Apps on Android platform, the main reason being the revenue generation ability on Apple’s platform. In a recent study it was found that Apple users are more willing to pay for an App when compared to an Android user. In the year 2013, Apple users spent more than $10 billion on buying Apps. Apple generates more than $5.1 million in revenue each day compared to Google’s revenue of $1.1 million a day. This gives businesses a scope to generate huge revenues and expand their business. Our experienced iPhone developers carve the path for the success of your business and App ideas.

What to look for in an iPhone App developer

  • Years of expertise in developing apps on iOS
  • Awareness of features of the latest versions and SDKs of iOS
  • iPhone app development at competitive costs
  • Transparent and flexible approach to development

Why hire iPhone Developers from TechAhead

TechAhead has a team of 40 iPhone developers, who not only have the right qualifications but also the experience of working on iOS app development projects for a global clientele. Based on requirements, clients have the flexibility of hiring for long-term projects or product development.

Clients who hire Offshore iPhone developers from us get several benefits:

Technical Expertise – Our iPhone app development team excels in working with iOS. Besides the requisite technical qualifications, they have worked on a range of projects, including customized consumer and business apps. With pragmatic experience in good design and user interface requirements, there’s no time wasted on trial and error.

Open communication – Our development process is completely transparent, which means that clients are involved in every stage of development. A team member is always in touch with the client, who possess efficient and effective orientation skills, thought of losing an idea was never a possibility.

Scalability – Another advantage of hiring offshore iPhone app developers from us is that clients can scale their operations up or down based on requirements without the hassle of hiring and firing, which is a feature of in-house development.

Competitive costs – With the flexibility of scaling up operations, on-time delivery and lower set up costs, your iPhone app development costs will come down significantly when one of our iPhone developers works on a project.

Flexibility – While hiring from us, clients retain full control of the project. In addition, we offer clients the flexibility of ending a contract once the minimum term is complete or extending the project if the requirements change.

Want to get started right away? Contact us with your requirements to begin the process.


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