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iOS devices are preferred over Android and BB devices due to their sleek design, great browsing experience, ease of use and lot of advance features. Over 125 million iOS devices have been sold across the globe.

With an iOS device, users have access to over 500,000 high quality apps on App Store. So if you have a brilliant idea for an app and want to make a mark in the market, you should consider getting it developed on iOS device (iPhone/iPad) first.

Why hire iOS Developers from us?

Hiring an expert iOS developer can be the decider between having an average app or an excellent one. Here’s why clients return to hire iOS developers from us.

Comprehensive outlook

While iOS developers are a dime a dozen, not all of them look at the whole picture. Our iOS developers are trained to take a comprehensive approach to app development. Of course, go-to-market time is important, but not if it means submitting a less than perfect app just for the sake of meeting timelines. Our iOS developers give importance to design, user experience and debugging to increase the chance of your app getting approval for App Store listing upon first submission.

Striving for perfection

With the quest for perfection that defines most Apple products, including the iOS, developing a near perfect app is the only way to survive on App Store. Backed by the experience of working on over hundreds of iOS apps on App Store covering all genre like Business, Education, Healthcare, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Music, Navigation, News, Imaging, Productivity etc, our iOS developers are familiar with the degree of perfection that is required. They work towards creating one for you that excels in terms of design, user interface, utility and performance.

Hands on experience counts

While finding a qualified iOS developer is easy, hiring one with hands-on experience straight away cuts down the time spent on the trial and error involved in developing your app for the iPhone / iPad. Our offshore iOS developer team has expertise in the different technologies required for iOS development, including Objective C, HTML 5, iOS 5, and Xcode. Their expertise helps them identify and work with the technology so that your app benefits from superior design, functionality and great user experience.

Flexible hiring

Our developer is open to being hired on a full-time, part-time or hourly basis as per your requirements.

Team spirit

Even though our developers work for you on contract, they take pride in developing apps that succeed. So, you can be assured that they will pull out all stops and work with you as a team for producing an app that makes it to App Store and excels in terms of utility and performance.

Focus on service and delivery

While on-time delivery is essential, our iOS developers have the experience to understand that results and performance of the app are more important. They are in sync with the client’s needs and are willing to listen and make all the necessary changes to ensure that the app not only meets delivery schedules but also lives up to the client’s expectations in terms of design and specifications.

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