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Cross Platform Mobile Development

Identifying and understanding your target customer base is one of the major steps for developing a successful marketing strategy for your business organization. This step also plays a huge role in identifying the mobile device preferences of your loyal clients, and prospective customers with a view to developing mobile apps to meet these preferences.

Businesses around the world face a common challenge while developing a mobile app-which is the best platform to create a mobile app? There could be different answers to this question, however, the choice depends of a multitude of factors such as demographics of the target audience, key brand associations you want to create, budget, and integration with the enterprise systems already in place. If you don’t have an obvious winner in the preliminary analysis, then you may get confused about the right strategy for developing your app.

If your market research unearths a heterogeneous customer base of smart device users for your product or services, then the need to design customized mobile apps covering all demographics will rear its head.

This situation leads to questions such as:

  • Should I focus on a particular device?
  • Or should I develop different apps for each operating system?
  • Can I afford to shun other customers? And
  • Can I afford to develop multiple mobile apps for all platforms?

At TechAhead, We Provide the Answers

Focusing your marketing strategies and awareness campaigns on a single mobile device has the potential to drastically affect the profitability of your business and you can easily tackle the issue of affordability by:

  • Consulting with an experienced mobile app development firm
  • Understanding your payment options and
  • The processes involved with cross platform development

Our Cross Platform Strategy

Our dedication to professional development means that we keep tabs on the evolving technologies relating to the design of cross platform mobile applications and use this knowledge to provide customized solution to our clients. Some solutions we offer are:

  • The use of Adobe’s PhoneGap, Rhomobile and Titanum frame works to design prototypes that can be deployed on multiple platforms
  • Creating payment options to ease your financial burden
  • Working according to your set budget
  • And developing your apps to meet a set deadline

The Benefits of Cross Platform Mobile Development and Utilizing Cross Platform Frameworks
Your business stands to gain a lot from developing mobile apps that cut across all major operating systems as well as from the use of cross platform frameworks. Some of the benefits are:

  • Freedom from the limitations provided by native mobile technologies
  • Considerable savings from utilizing cross platform frameworks
  • Control over your innovative choices
  • Accommodating a wider customer base
  • Leaving no customer or client behind
  • Meeting your business profitability goals and
  • Enjoying significantly reduced cost of introducing new versions and updates.

At TechAhead, we advise our clients to invest in cross platform mobile apps due to the benefits it provides. We also do our part by providing you with the technology, man power and technical know-how needed to meet the requirements of your target customer base.

Contact us to help you bridge the gap between you desire and what you develop.

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