Hope Your App Becomes a Success?

Stop hoping. Start Testing.

Launch Application Testing

Cutting corners in application beta testing process can be very tempting due to its high cost and the possibility for delays. However, it can lead to disastrous problems: poor reviews, low customer engagement, and an overall bad introduction of your product to the public.

We aim for the most cost-effective and efficient quality control measures that can also promote and ensure the best user experience. We do this by first defining user behaviour and then tailoring the app’s features to accommodate that behaviour.

Functional and Non-Functional Need

User Experience Analysis

Review of Marketing Objectives

Application Testing

Application testing is not just about making sure that the app works. It’s about providing the best user experience possible and understanding how users interact with the app’s features.

Manual Testing

We test your app under a variety of network conditions(such as on both 4G/3G networks and Wi-Fi). This manual testing can give great insights into user experience.

Network Simulator Testing

We use a representative sample of mobile hardware to perform simulator testing on several network and hardware conditions.

Automation Tools

Using extensive reporting capabilities of automation tools like Soap UI, Jmeter, and Load UI, we ensure that testing costs remain low.

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