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Smart TV App Development Company

TechAhead is a full-service Smart TV app development company that is known for its out-of-the-box thinking for creating highly custom Smart TV applications. TechAhead embraces change and works in an agile manner while adapting to the changing user needs and business models.

Smart TV App Development Company

Smart TV Apps – The new standard for Home Entertainment

Smart TVs have captured everyone’s attention with high-resolution displays, higher refresh rates, and crisp picture quality. Smart TV apps have changed the way people use TVs and the way brands connect with their viewers. Smart TVs have created a huge market for Smart TV app development companies, content creators and content broadcasters for developing apps and content for consumers.

Technology giants like Netflix, Amazon and other companies are investing huge amounts of time and resources in building Smart TV applications and media streaming solutions to deliver the best content and user experience.

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Smart TV Apps Offerings

Smart TV App Design

TechAhead has a dedicated design team for Smart TV apps to take care of challenges such as platforms, viewing distances and varying resolutions. There’s an excellent hand-in-hand collaborative effort that takes place at TechAhead.

Smart TV App Development

TechAhead supports app creation from scratch by nurturing your idea into a highly intuitive Smart TV app. Combining TechAhead’s Smart TV app development expertise having built apps across major platforms such as Android, Samsung Tizen/Orsay, Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple.

Smart TV App Testing

Our team of test leads and software testers performs end-to-end sanity and regression testing across a suite of connected TV devices. There’s a comprehensive Smart TV app test suite with techniques to test the app at the most granular level.

Smart TV App Migration

Each Smart TV app platform (Android, Samsung Tizen, and so on) comes with its own set of benefits and challenges. Smart TV app migration from one platform to another is another key offering by TechAhead.

Smart TV App Maintenance

With TechAhead it’s an everlasting journey that doesn’t end when we deliver the product, but we continue to support and provide additional maintenance for the app throughout its lifecycle. TechAhead monitors apps and services to constantly track app for system failures and ensure maximum availability and minimum downtime for excellent user experience.

Connected TV Industry

The team of highly-skilled developers can create Smart TV Apps for all major platforms such as Android, Tizen, Amazon Fire, Apple and Roku. TechAhead has relevant industry experience with app development and helps you build Smart TV, Voice on Demand, Live Streaming and Informative apps.

Leading Smart TV App Development Company

Leading Smart TV App Development Company

TechAhead helps you build Smart TV Apps with a user experience that promotes binge-watching and has the latest features. If you’re looking for a Smart TV application development company, get in touch with us. We’re a team of project managers, developers, testers, designers and solution architects, visualizers, content strategists and creators that work in a cohesive relationship to create Smart TV Apps.

We target revenue-governing factors such has enhanced user engagement, increased viewership, content reach across a wider audience while developing a Smart TV app to enhance the chances for your app being a success in terms of monetary returns.

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