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Our mobile apps are triggering
a digital revolution

A bright portfolio featuring a global clientele including
AXA, American Express, Samsung, and more, TechAhead
contributes the excelling expertise of 13 years in the
digital domain. Our mobile app development company
Santa Barbara is just a call away to answer all your
digital queries and hand out the best of results
in the industry.

criiio home portfolio

Serving an example, our solutions
are changing the global IT map

Collaborating with TechAhead will help you broaden your vision about your business goals and achieve
beyond your current set potential. With the latest technology in hand, our services will be
very resourceful to you in earning that high turnover.

Accumulated Brilliance

Our high-end results over this prolonged period of service can be attributed to our working experience of 13 years in this industry. It has helped us gain knowledge about the incessantly evolving tech trends that make up today’s world.

Outstanding Team

Our all-rounded team of 250+ designers and full-stack developers works wonders even under pressure to hand out an impeccable desired output to our partners.

Agile Delivery of Solutions

Over the years, our developers have delivered 2000+ custom-made digital solutions, satisfying the needs of our client’s business objectives.

Managing Global Brands

Brands like AXA, American Express, Disney, Audi, ESPN F1, ICC, and more have put their faith in us and gotten together to develop mobile apps to strengthen their hold in the market.

Empowering Across Continents

We are now located in Noida, India as well in addition to our setup in Los Angeles, USA for the empowerment of our global partners.

Results Garnering Firm Trust

All of this has been possible due to our regular and timely delivery that promotes digital development. For this, we’ve also been recognized as the Top Mobile App Development Company of 2022 by Clutch.

Success stories of our achievements
in the app development sphere

For the last 13 years, TechAhead has dedicated each hour to kick-starting the transformation of
700+ startups and organizations which has led us to build long-term partnerships with the
likes of Microsoft, Xamarin, IBM, and more. This hard work has been fuelled by the fulfillment
of our customers’ agendas, something we take huge pride in.


IoT Solutions For Real Estate

Deploying IoT-enabled solutions along with mobility
and digital transformation, we revolutionized
real estate.

Find Out How

IoT-Powered Smart Homes

We leveraged IoT, human-centric design & powerful
tech to bring a never seen before smart
home solution.

Find Out How

Our featured clients

  • AXA
  • Audi
  • Allianz
  • ICC
  • Lafarge
  • Great American Insurance Group
  • ESPN-F1
  • Disney
  • American Express
  • Cengage


We disrupted the trucking business, enabling
drivers & owners to get more revenues, from
the same resources.

Case Study

The team was able to very quickly, in a matter of weeks,
able to understand the existing source code and leverage the
project API to adjust and update the project with new features,
ultimately resulting in a successful release onto the respective
app stores.

Juan PalmaSoftware Development Director, Ventus Networks

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Tools & technologies deployed for mobile
app development company Santa Barbara

Delivering outstanding results in the mobile app development domain since 2009 has been
possible because of our utilization of upgraded and up-to-date technologies. This has
ultimately led to harmonious relations with our clients.

  • Enterprise

  • Cloud

  • Integrations

  • Mobile

  • Open Source

  • Web

  • Backend

  • CMS

  • Testing & QA

  • DevOps

Methodology followed
by the best mobile app
development company
Santa Barbara

Our working methodology leans towards the expertise of
our programming personnel and developers. They make
it a point to neither sacrifice the visual appeal of an app
nor its functionality by singularly focusing
on one of them.

Let's talk

Requirement Analysis

Before digging into the actual workings of the project, our team will actively engage with you to figure out all the necessities of the app you desire. Additionally, we will look into the expectations of your target audience as well so that you can proudly boast of your smoothly running enterprise.

Designing Prototypes

The conclusive step of publishing the app has to be preceded by its prototypes being designed. This step is extremely crucial as it will help us envision the final product while taking care of the design and its functionality simultaneously.

App Development

The running app should incorporate all kinds of cutting-edge technologies and responses for its successful take-off. We ensure that the resulting product is a robust innovation that stands out among its contemporary experimentations in the market.

QA Testing

Before taking the final plunge, the app will go through a rigorous testing routine where it will be checked for bugs and other hindrances. Once they are eradicated and all tests run smoothly, we’re good to go.


The app will only be published on your desired platform once it ticks off all the expectations on your list. Your approval is of the utmost importance. We’re ready when you are.

App Maintenance

Post-production care is equally significant as apps need to be upgraded to their latest versions, thereby keeping them up-to-date with the new trends. In addition to that, over time, bugs tend to manifest in the system and therefore have to be cleared out again to guarantee a smooth run-time.

Our latest mobile app development services
offered in Santa Barbara

Each organization has its own specific set of requirements following its business blueprint. TechAhead
listens to all those needs and delivers accordingly without compromising on the quality of work.

  • iOS App Development

    Apple’s operating system is constantly upgrading and reaching for a new and higher goal. We stand in line with this ever-evolving system to keep our apps up-to-date.

  • Android App Development

    The reach of Android apps has expanded over the years, and the numbers are only increasing. Our goal is to follow this pattern with our efficient apps and top the market with our Android solutions.

  • React Native App Development

    Cross-platform apps are the latest trend in the market due to their wide functionality. We have expanded our assistance to publishing these robust apps to our clients and stay ahead of the competition.

  • UX/UI Design

    The app’s visual design is the first takeaway for its users. Therefore, we pay great attention to detail and model such appealing designs that are equally easy to use and deem the users’ comfort to be the most essential aspect of app development.

  • Xamarin App Development

    Microsoft’s technology seeks to promote cross-platform apps and we’re adding to that experience by creating the best versions of these apps.

  • Mobile App Consultaning

    Just like a newly engineered car is bound to run out of fuel, mobile apps require the same amount of attention post-development. We are here for you through it all – the development procedure, its designing, and post-production as well, as a constant guiding force by your side.

Release the next quintessential
representation of the digital world

New-age digital solutions
for every industry

Having a combined knowledge of the business forefront and a professional touch on app development enterprises,
our result-oriented agile deliveries have assisted endless businesses and industries.

Insightful takes on mobile
app development

Go through our insightful blogs on all topics related to the latest advent in the tech world and
about how we approach the complex task of mobile app development Santa Barbara.

FAQs- more on mobile app development company Santa Barbara

How to get in touch with an expert at TechAhead for my queries?

Contacting us is easy. You can head over to our website and fill in your details and we’ll be in touch with you thereafter. You can also email us at [email protected] or ring us up at 1-818-318-0727 (8:00 am to 5:00 pm pacific time).

Will my business proposal remain confidential?

Yes, of course! Intellectual property theft is dealt with severely here at TechAhead. Therefore, to assure our clients of the same, we sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prior to the onset of the project execution. You can rest assured as keeping official matters confidential is our utmost priority.

How do I know that I’ve made the right choice in pairing up with TechAhead?

Our past endeavors speak for us. We’ve worked with more than 700 brands around the world in the past 13 years, some of which are world-renowned companies like Audi, Disney, AXA, ICC, and more. For further affirmation, you can check our portfolio on the TechAhead website, where all our previous projects have been listed in great detail.

When the app gets made, do I get all the rights for my app?

Yes! We’ll transfer all the rights to you along with the code and app. This is the reason why we’re one of the most preferred mobile app development companies Santa Barbara.

I am a local in Santa Barbara and don’t know much about mobile app development. Can I still get an app developed?

Yes! We have a team of experts who understand you and help you enhance your vision. So, when you come to us with your idea, we’d analyze it, discuss it, figure out the possibilities and then move on to the development process.

Schedule a free expert session with our mobile app engineer

Shanal Aggarwal

Chief Commercial and Customer Success Officer


Shanal is the Chief Commercial and Customer Success Officer at TechAhead, where our team is scripting stunning success stories for global brands. He will consult you on the Digital and Mobile Transformation project.

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      Phone : +91 120 6039900

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