Identify, Ideate, Initiate

Taking an app from conceptualization to completion requires a sound strategy that seamlessly integrates all your business and technical requirements to deliver exceptional user experience. We believe that this is the most integral stage of application development.

During this phase we’ll be data gathering, conducting analyses, wire-framing, and project planning. We’ll be gathering in our “war” room to brainstorm, design, and complete the mobile app business plan (often while we enthusiastically consume quite a bit of coffee and black tea).

Requirement Analysis

Development Strategy

Solution Prototypes

Proof of Concepts

Consulting & Rapid Prototyping

By helping you to visualize success during Phase Zero, we get one step closer to attaining it. We also provide a metaphorical GPS app that will walk you, step by step, through the app creation maze.

Design Thinking

Focusing on a viable solution, we start with logic, imagination, intuition, and reasoning to visualize what’s possible.

Unique Selling Point

To differentiate from the clutter of me-too applications, we identify and ensure that your USP is clearly highlighted.

Industry Best Practices

From Phase Zero itself, we ensure that the application follows stringent industry guidelines to accelerate time to market.