RentalHost connects vacation rental guests with their hosts! It provides a clean, intuitive user experience for both guests and hosts in the same mobile application.

The Work

The client wanted us to help them build a global premium community for vacation home hosting and renting.


The Challenge

The app needed to be a perfect tool for hosts of all sizes. It was required to provide the same intimate, smooth, and enjoyable guest experience from booking to check-out – whether a host manages one property or hundreds.

Key Screens

TechAhead built both Android and iOS app for RentalHost to make vacation hosting simple and effortless. The app immediately connects hosts, guests, and service providers.

Instant Messaging

No more late night phone calls. RentalHost allows hosts to keep in touch with guests whenever they have a request.Early check-in? Guests can simply send their hosts an instant notification to let them know.

Automatic Rental Contracts

RentalHost takes care of all the legal formalities. Rental contracts are created and sent automatically, and guests can accepts them on the app itself.

Automated, Secure Payments

Automatic payment managedthrough the app enables guests to pay hosts without any hassle. Hosts get their payment right into their account.

Personal Concierge

RentalHost also offers a personal concierge for its guests. Guests can browse services offered by local fun and recreation vendors, and purchase them directly in the app, or ask for recommendations about nearby activities.

Very cool virtual front desk! This app has changed the way it all happens and really helped our company get to a new level of service excellence!

Kauai Joshua, iOS App Store Review

The Results

We developed a one-stop destination for both hosts and guests, delivering a seamless rental experience.The app gives guests the ability to instant message their hosts about any questions or requests regarding their rental or reservation. Hosts can also send direct notifications to their guests, or schedule automatic alerts reminders for important information about their reservation. Guests can even view their host’s recommendations for nearby restaurants.