LearnENT is the official educational application of the Canadian Society of Otolaryngology. Developed by students, residents & faculty from across Canada, LearnENT is a collaborative effort that aims to provide a standardized approach to education in Otolaryngology.

The Work

The client asked us to create a virtual clinic where scholars can learn Otolaryngology through video lectures, discuss case studies, give exams and assess their performance.

The Challenge

LearnENT needed to be easily manageable, secure collaborative platform as it was used by medical students, residents, and faculty members across Canadian universities. Another challenge was developing the platform based on Constructivist Theory of Learning, Laurillard’s design process, Honey and Mumford’s learning styles, and Nielsen’s theory of usability.

Key Screens

TechAhead developed LearnENT iOS app and dashboard for proper management of video lectures, case studies, evaluation exams, and assessment reports.

LearnENT offers detail sections on the Otolaryngology history, physical exam, anatomy, clinical cases and included exams on ENT, oral cavity, nasolaryngoscopy, and the Dix Hallpike.

LearnENT is a colloborative platform from universities across Canada with huge content library. Learners can quickly and easily search across LearnENT's content library using its built-in search engine.

Learners are provided step-by-step walkthroughs of the most common surgical procedures in OTOHNS.

Learner can assess their knowledge using multiple choice and written answer questions, as well as interactive drag and drop quizzes, visual diagnosis of common ENT disorders and more!

LearnENT is an extremely useful resource to quickly reference and learn about the basics of otolaryngology. The app includes various methods of presenting similar information making it a great way for different types of learners to benefit from the app.

Jay Agarwal

The Results

Undergraduate medical education in Otolaryngology is highly variable across Canadian medical schools. LearnENT provided standardized approach to education in Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery. iOS app developed by TechAhead helped universities and ENT practitioners across Canada to collaborate with medical students, residents and faculty members.