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Major French Insurance leader provides 24/7 emergency helpline to millions of people around the world.

The Work

The client wanted us to help them create robust digital system for end to end Road Side Assistance.

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The Challenge

Challenge was to create a unified system supporting any language yet able to customize price based on each country. Another challenge was to create secure sync between customer, agents, drivers, providers, and finance while reducing the case closure time by 70% via automation, algorithms and strategic mechanisms.

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The Screens

We digitized roadside assistance function helping insurance major to set up a self-service solution, which fully complied with all kinds of online and offline use cases, and led to 42% increase in case resolutions within six months of implementation.

  • agents operations time

    Algorithms running to reduce an agents operations time by fetching 80-90% customer data from the database to reduce agent's time per case.

  • Strong algorithmic computations

    Strong algorithmic computations were deployed to fetch customer data and suggest nearest workshops, drivers, and providers - leading to 80% saving on resolution time.

  • Deployed powerful mechanisms

    Deployed powerful mechanisms for Invoice Management to manage huge datasets, helping the Finance Team to create invoices based on clubbed cases via geographical location.

  • Self activated triggers

    Self activated triggers with Multiple Alarms were set to keep a track of cases and remind the operations team of the actions.

They’re good technology-oriented people. They can ramp up quickly, and they’re flexible in their resourcing. If we need more iOS or more Android developers, we get those skills whenever we need them.


The Results

  • Customer Care

    Customer Case Automation


  • Driver

    Enhance Driver Automation


  • Search

    Driver/Workshop Search Automation


  • Invoice

    Enhance Invoice Management


  • Response Time

    Enhance Case Response Time