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Construction Daily Reports is a user-friendly, fastest, and professional way to get your construction site reports done and save an hour each day.

The Work

The client asked us to create a robust, scalable app which can be used by every construction professional on the job site easily and should not have steep learning curve.

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The Challenge

The Construction Daily Reports needed to be easy to use on phones, tablets, and computers. It was required to be built as per compliance, accuracy, data security and also had automated reports to create a seamless experience for every user.

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Key Screens

TechAhead built apps for Apple, Android and Desktop. Developers can easily manage their turnkey project sites and bring all stakeholder on a common platform - Superintendents, project managers, foreman, and other construction professionals who report on the job site.

  • Simple And Intuitive Structure

    Simple and intuitive structure makes CDR app easy to learn and a breeze to master, and user can send reports from anywhere with mobile device.

  • Construction Professionals

    Many construction professionals reported saving of more than an hour every single day! The CDR app automated many mundane reporting tasks and made reporting faster.

CDR app
  • Different Reporting

    Every company has different reporting and compliance needs, and CDR addressed that. Companies can customize and brand app screens and daily reports.

  • Data Secured

    CDR keeps all data secured for 10 years so that you can use signed reports to protect yourself against potential litigation.

Really easy to use and price was much better than other options. Saved a lot of time and cost by switching over to CDR.

Dean B., Superintendent Construction


The Results

CDR helps construction professionals improve and simplify their daily reporting process and saves an hr every day using Construction Daily Reports. The simple software includes customized reports, automatic weather, cloud storage integration, automated emails, and much more!