Mobile User Experience

Your company’s mobile app is a representation of your business in general. In today’s world, technology is king, and if you’re not keeping up, you’re being left behind. That means having an effective mobile app is more important than ever before. Your customers are on the move and using their tablets and smartphones to access your business. You don’t want to lose those customers because their experience with your app seems more frustrating than it’s worth. That’s where we come in. As a mobile application development firm, we are also a type of user experience developer as well. To improve a mobile app’s user experience, developer teams and clients need to work together. This ensures that we, as the developer of your app, are creating exactly what you want. But how do we improve the mobile customer experience? By understanding what it is that mobile users need.

The Mobile User Experience

Mobile users are people who are on the move. They want access to online services when they need them, regardless of where they may be. These services need to be fast and they need to require minimal effort. Applications need to be easy to use despite the limitations that can come with mobile devices, particularly limitations due to their size.


One of the most important ways to improve the mobile user experience is to focus on the people who will actually be using your app: current and potential clients. In designing your app, we’ll identify who your target users are and what their needs are. When determining what these needs are, we take into account things such as user preferences, goals, and their level of knowledge. Knowing the context in which an app is used will allow us to design an app that is relevant to the needs of the people who will be using it the most. For example, an application for medical professionals may have different functions than an app for a retailer.

Content That’s Clear.

When people are using their mobile devices, they often have a shortened attention span. As a result, your content will need to be clear, to the point, and balanced. Cluttered screens are never a good idea, and they’re even worse when it comes to mobile applications. Keeping content to a minimum improves mobile usability and allows users to find exactly what they need with a glance.

Simple Navigation

A mobile user’s experience with an app is greatly affected by how easy, or difficult, it is to navigate. For the best experience, they’ll need to navigate it with minimal effort or confusion. This means reducing the number of taps needed to reach their destination. Because screen sizes are relatively small on mobile devices, it’s important to design apps with logical, simple and structured search and navigational features. In addition, menus must be focused and not overly complex.

Design And Usability

When designing an application, we ensure that its visual presentation is suitable for mobile devices. Its design should have visual flow, which will make it easy for users to scan quickly. Orientation is an issue with certain devices, and if not properly designed, it can negatively impact the user experience. Design services from TechAhead allow for changes in orientation so that the user never loses their location on the page when switching from portrait to landscape. Usability is also an important consideration. You’ll want to ensure that all elements work together in a way that users can get the most out of your application. Usability issues that may affect the mobile user experience include the size and placement of targets for devices that utilize touch screen. Font, contrast, and even color are all conditions that we can customize to ensure the most pleasant user experience.

How Techahead Improves Your Customers’ User Experience

At TechAhead we develop user-friendly applications for Android and iOS system platforms. We’ll create and customize the best app for your company starting with a stage of development we like to call Phase Zero. By consulting with our clients during this phase, we’re able to establish what your ideas are, why your app is needed, the target demographic, and other pertinent information that will ultimately affect the user experience. Once we’ve established a framework, we’ll put your project into motion. To ensure your customers have an exceptional experience while using your app, we also provide mobile application testing. Do you want to learn more about mobile user experience and how we can help? Contact us today!