Mobile-Friendly Website Design

Go Small Or Go Home

The key to smart online content creation is to make the simplest, most intuitive site you can create. Mobile site development should take into account the smaller size of mobile screens, and optimally, your site should use a responsive design that automatically adapts itself to the size of the window in which it is being viewed. Barring this, mobile website designers should try to simplify their content as much as possible, using a larger font and making sure that the most important information on the page is near the top. In addition, ensure that any buttons that might need to be clicked on with a mouse if you were using a desktop computer are large enough to be pressed with a finger on a mobile touchscreen. Also, avoid using Flash on your site, as this type of content does not play on all mobile devices. As a last resort, if you just can’t bring yourself to make these kinds of changes to your site, create a mobile site that’s a copy of your site optimized for mobile display.

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Don’t Worry, Be App-y

Of course, size and usability aren’t only concerns in mobile website design. Company apps can also fall victim to design issues, such as buttons that are too small or content that requires you to scroll from side to side to read it all. There’s an easy way to avoid these pitfalls: Trust TechAhead to build your custom mobile app. Consulting us is the wisest move you could make when it comes to creating a mobile app for your business. We specialize in building unique, useful, and usable apps for companies all over the world. We work on all mobile platforms, including iPhonesAndroid smartphones and tablets, and Windows mobile devices, to make apps that are simple to use, as well as useful to your customers. We also communicate with you every step of the way, from coming up with an idea for your app to testing and delivering the finished product. We have a passion for building apps, and it shows in the quality of our products. Contact us today and learn why hundreds of companies all over the world have used our services, including Disney, Audi, and American Express. Then, find out what we can build for you.