Mobile Enterprise Solutions

With employees and consumers expecting more from their devices and engaging with services from almost anywhere, companies not only need to provide superior services for device and application management but also need to secure the data on employee’s mobile devices. Additionally, it is essential to enable mobility to extend to other enterprise devices, including those that support Windows 10 and Mac OS. The intention is to increase employee productivity without compromising on corporate security.

Providing an integrated experience for employees

Enhance the experience of enterprise mobility for employees by:

  • Faster onboarding of devices – Process for easy enrolment and authentication of either personal or corporate devices.
  • Compliances to policies – Ensure profiles are configured in compliance with corporate policies regarding VPN, Wi-Fi and other parameters.
  • Easy to use interface – Enable an intuitive device management system that is simple to navigate using quick links from a single window.
  • Real time troubleshooting assistance – Enable remote viewing and control of devices to resolve issues quickly.

Seamless App Distribution and Management

All devices on the network should be secured and managed to offer a seamless experience to employees.

  • Distribution and management of apps: Facilitate simple and quick distribution of store as well as in-house apps irrespective of whether they are iOS, Android or Windows devices.
  • Monitor app inventory: Get details about installed apps and manage licences for mobile devices.
  • Lock down devices to restrict apps: Manage the device so that only a few authorized apps run on it.
  • Separate personal and work-related apps: Maintain separate profiles for work and personal use to protect the integrity of the data.

Enterprise Mobile Device Management

Corporate security lies at the heart of efficient enterprise mobile device management. This involves protecting mobile devices, emails and content.

  • Enhancing security of corporate data: Remote wiping of data in case of loss or theft of a device, find and report high-risk or non-compliant devices that pose a threat to unauthorized data access, secure the network through customized access and device usage permissions.
  • Protecting enterprise email: Enable email access only to enterprise-approved accounts or apps, integrate with email platforms such as Office 365 and Azure, enable secure sharing and viewing of emails through a few managed apps.
  • Manage remote distribution of documents: Allow document access only through trusted apps, facilitate automatic updates of documents on devices, restrict access and back up of documents by third party apps, support multiple file formats for managing and distributing documents.

Our unique enterprise mobile strategy

Since 2009, TechAhead has spearheaded mobile solutions for businesses around the world with a range of diverse and innovative applications. Our development teams have experience creating apps that run on platforms, including iOS, Windows 10 and Android, besides custom enterprise platforms, giving us the experience to create an integrated mobile strategy that provides a superior experience to your employees.

We focus on all aspects of mobile enterprise strategy to ensure that the Enterprise Mobility Services that we design for your company adheres to overall business models and corporate goals.

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