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Providing unique enterprise mobile strategy

TechAhead is one of the foremost names in mobile app development. Since 2009, we have spearheaded mobile solutions for businesses around the world with diverse, innovative applications that provide real-time consumer-generated data so our clients can solve problems in real time. We seamlessly integrate our clients’ individual needs with a unique enterprise mobile strategy to maximize revenue and customer satisfaction in B2B, B2C, and B2E environments. We focus on all aspects of mobile enterprise strategy, including brand perception, market penetration, service integration, and customer interaction. Our developers are concerned not just with building an app, but with how that app fits into our clients’ overall business models and benefits their goals.

Our Process

Our Process

At TechAhead, we do not believe in cookie-cutter enterprise mobile apps. Every company has different needs, and we begin designing your app by identifying those needs in what we like to call Phase Zero. Before we begin development, we take an in-depth look at your company. We track information from your end-user clients, business demographics, employees, and other relevant sources to help set the groundwork for mobile applications that can be integrated into your current business model with as little interruption as possible. Whether your primary focus is streamlining project organization and productivity, managing mobile employees, or expanding BYOT initiatives, we start building from the ground up with your company in mind.

Once we’ve identified your needs, our enterprise mobile application development experts start the process of building your app according to your specific concerns. Our development teams have experience creating apps that run on mobile platforms such as iPhone, Windows Phone 8, Amazon Kindle, and Android as well as custom platforms. While your app is in development, we stay in constant contact to ensure your needs are being met. Every application we design goes through extensive Quality Assurance testing to make sure your product runs the way it should on delivery.

For companies not looking for our complete service, we also provide consulting services to help you reach your development goals. TechAhead is dedicated to developing exciting mobile enterprise solutions that will keep up with the changing market. Our diverse clientele of over 200 corporations includes Fortune 1000 companies. We can customize a solution for any business – or budget – large or small. For us, enterprise app development isn’t just our job, it is our passion. Contact us today and let us start developing exceptional mobile solutions for you and your company.