Expert Mobile E-commerce Solutions

Effective mobile commerce solutions are critical to developing a mobile strategy that will work hand in hand with your existing products and services. Mobile commerce solutions help to ensure that customers will be willing to work with you and build a relationship with your brand, even if you are in a crowded marketplace with lots of large, established competitors.

Mobile E-commerce Makes Business Breakouts Possible

Whether your enterprise is large or small, the trust between you and your customers is a crucial factor in success. One of the most important elements of that trust is a sense of safety, security, and stability when it is time for users to pay for your products. Customized mobile commerce applications make this easier and faster by providing users with the functionality they need so they can pay fearlessly.
Whether you are dealing with a handful of customers each week or millions of dollars in quarterly transactions, mobile commerce applications can help you win market share and save significant money on payment processing fees as you move from third-party electronic commerce solutions to your own proprietary software. With the right app, your customers will know they can trust you with their most sensitive financial data.

Mobile E-commerce Helps You Reach People Where They Are

Experts have estimated that more than 90% of American adults own a cell phone of some kind today. Of that number, over 50% are smartphone owners. Millions of people all around the U.S. and the world now use their smartphone as their primary means of connecting online, and that number will only go up as the phones become more advanced. A new generation of phones arrives each year!
The time to take action and capture this growing group of consumers is now. The right mobile commerce app can help you create a seamless customer experience that will allow your target users to take action on their desire to buy from you at the very moment they identify that need. That will accelerate your time-to-sale and prevent customers from getting lost inside your sales funnel.

Full Fledged E-commerce App Development Services

Mobile eCommerce App Development
eCommerce Cart Develoment
eCommerce Website Development
Payment Gateway Integration
Shipping Services Integration
Maintenance & Support Services
Reporting and Analytic Solutions
Performance and Security Optimization

Consult TechAhead For E-commerce Consulting

With mobile commerce, security is paramount. Luckily, TechAhead gives you the power to plan, develop, and launch robust commerce applications within a short time. In our “Phase Zero” stage of development, your concept is crystallized and an efficient and effective plan is forged that will bring your app to life and evolve according to your input throughout the process.
Don’t let the complexities of mobile commerce stop you. Here at TechAhead, we’ve created secure, easy-to-use applications for the full suite of iOS, Android, and Windows devices. To find out more about what we can do for you, call or email us anytime. We look forward to providing you with technical expertise that will blast your business into the stratosphere!

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