Microsoft Azure Consulting

Microsoft Azure Consulting Services

TechAhead can help you Build highly scalable custom applications and infrastructure solutions designed as per your unique business requirements. We will work with you to determine which Azure solutions are right for your business. Our dedicated cloud specialists will work with you through every step of the process; right from determining which products will be most beneficial to your business, to creating custom dashboards that keep critical applications and functions at your fingertips.

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Custom Azure Application Services

We, at TechAhead design & deploy a wide range of cloud computing services & develop scalable mobile applications for your business using Microsoft Azure:

  • Azure Consulting Solution

    Azure Consulting Solution

    We offer best-in-class Azure Consulting Solution that solidifies your cloud initiative and reduces your excess infrastructure cost.

  • Enterprise Integration Service

    Enterprise Integration Service

    We help our clients with high-end enterprise integration services and create custom architecture solutions which are secure & seamlessly scales up based on business needs.

  • Azure Migration Solution

    Azure Migration Solution

    Take away data Migration pains. We provide seamless migration services that enable you to move data from one platform to Azure cloud-based server.

Why to Choose Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

  • Flexibility Flexibility

    Microsoft Azure can help you to create an open, flexible and scalable cloud platform that allows you to build, deploy and manage applications quickly.

  • Secure Data Secure Data

    Microsoft Azure provides secure and robust cloud services that ensure high level of security to your data.

  • Scalable Services Scalable Services

    Whether you need a simple cloud storage service or high-end business analytics SaaS app over the cloud, Microsoft Azure has the right solutions for all your requirements.

  • Interoperability Interoperability

    Azure Supports internet protocols and different open standards including SOAP, XML, HTTP, and REST. Therefore, combined apps can be developed easily & quickly for on-premises applications.

  • Identity & Access Management (IAM) Capabilities Identity & Access Management (IAM) Capabilities

    Azure ensures a secure level of Identity & Access Management (IAM) Capabilities by providing active directory service that allows the right users to access the right information.

  • Built-In Intelligence Built-In Intelligence

    Azure’s high operating capabilities & human-like intelligence help to create intelligent applications that ensure a whole new level of user experience.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure Consulting Services

Pay As You Grow

Pay As You Grow

Microsoft Azure’s suite of applications is offered on a pay-as-you-go basis, enabling your business to save money and allocate resources more effectively. Get your projects on the cloud quicker without the heavy burden of infrastructure costs.

Increase Business Agility

Increase Business Agility

It is considered that business employing Azure solution have a much faster development cycle. Therefore, Azure applications increase the business agility and enable the businesses to explore new approaches and technologies.

Robust Scalable and Highly Secure Cloud

Robust Scalable and Highly Secure Cloud

Microsoft Azure provides constant cloud backups and Disaster Recovery and has its own Azure Security Center which currently makes it the sole public cloud platform provider offering continuous data-security supervision.

Ensure Secure Integration with Other SaaS Apps

Ensure Secure Integration with Other SaaS Apps

Backed by the high functionality & advanced operating capabilities, Azure apps can be securely & easily be integrated with other cloud SaaS applications such as Dropbox, Office 365, Salesforce, and much more.

Why Choose TechAhead as Your Microsoft Azure Consulting Partner

We, at TechAhead, are global leaders in mobile consulting, designing and development and have proficiency in delivering fully integrated Azure cloud solutions across different industry verticals. We offer an extensive range of cloud computing services for your business using Microsoft Azure.

Leave all your infrastructure transition worries with our experts. Our Azure experts would guide you through all aspects of your transition, without sacrificing your daily operations. We will develop a customized plan of action designed specifically to suit your precise business needs.

Why Choose TechAhead as Your Microsoft Azure Consulting Partner