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Get hands-on with Emerging Mobile Technologies

The world of apps is constantly changing and pushing the frontiers of what’s possible. Now, only one question remains – are you ready to change with it? We offer our lab as a test bed for our customers to experiment on edge technologies around AI, IoT, and Cloud.


Innovating Game Changing
Mobility Applications

Build Custom AI Models

Enable Predictive Analytics

Automate & Accelerate Work

Intelligent Apps

By 2018, majority of the world’s largest 200 companies will utilize AI powered intelligent apps to refine their offers and improve customer experience.

Need of the hour is to deliver rich, adaptive, and personalized user experiences and drive productivity with apps that use historical and real-time data to make predictions and decisions.

Enable Touch Less UX

Design Immersive Experiences

Create Better Collaboration Tools

Augmented, Virtual, & Mixed Reality Solutions

By 2019, nearly 20% of large-enterprise businesses will evaluate and adopt AR, VR, and MR solutions.

It’s time to redesign reality with apps that leverage immersive technologies to make customer andemployee interactions more connected, contextual, and rewarding.

Create a Virtual Personal Assistant

Provide Contextual Content

Augment Customer Service


Several technology giants including Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Slack already support chatbots and conversational interfaces.

Transform the way your employees and customers interact with your organization by converting a series of self-initiated tasks to a quasi-conversation with a cognitive conversational interface.

Enable Faster Transactions

Facilitate Real-time Polling

Simplify Customer Identification


Several organizations across 24+ countries are already experimenting with Distributed Ledger Technologies to impact day-to-day business activities.

Change the way you verify transactions, confirm identities, and secure data by implementing decentralized ledger based applications.

Redefine Security Systems

New Digital Health Services

Simplify Everyday Tasks

Wearable Apps

Wearable devices sales predicted to reach up to
504.65 million units in the year 2021.

Go beyond the mobile and tablet screens and bring
next-level of personalized engagement and services
to your customers through wearable apps.

Integrate Smart Home Solutions

Transform Process Plants

Enhance Business Efficiency

Internet Of Things

By 2022, IoT solutions will reduce maintenance, services, and consumables cost by $1 trillion a year for consumers and businesses.

Create smarter apps that seamlessly connect and interact with various IoT devices to deliver real-time, integrated, and connected digital experiences.