Smart Retail Solutions - Internet of Things (IoT) in Retail
IoT Retail

Smart Retail Solutions​

Explore a whole new world of possibilities for customer engagement,
and sales with smart analytics and insights.

Smart Retail Solutions

Future of Smart Retail

Create a completely frictionless customer experience without checkout lines,
assisted inventory display to drive engagement and awe!

  • 62%


    Customers say they want personalized discounts from companies based on their past purchases​.

  • 78%


    Consumers feel experiential retail stimulates their senses leading to increased engagement.

  • 60%


    Consumers believe long queues at checkouts are a major pain point
    while shopping in stores​.

  • $1.2tn​


    Potential economic impact in retail
    self-checkout, layout optimization, personalization, etc.

Create Frictionless Customer Experience​

Personalized Shopping

Personalized Shopping

Offer personalized recommendations and discounts
to customers on their phones and upgrade their
overall shopping experience​.

Smart Layouts

Smart Layouts

Enhance the effectiveness of store operations in
terms of staff planning and product placement​.

Automated Checkouts

Automated Checkouts

Enable instant checkouts with the help of IoT to
avoid customer queues​ and save up to 75% of staff.

Smart Shelves

Smart Shelves

Keep real-time track of the inventory on
the store shelves and alert the store teams
when they need to re-stock​.

Smart Retail IoT Consulting

  • Device Hardware

    Device Hardware
  • Device Software

    Device Software
  • Communications

  • Cloud Platform

    Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Apps

    Cloud Apps
IoT Retail Team

Turn your retail business
customer-friendly, engaged,
and immersive.

  • Collaborate with our IoT experts to create immersive experience.
  • One-stop IoT consulting – network protocols, hardware, mobile apps, etc.
  • Full cycle app management to eliminate the woes of development and testing.

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