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IoT Factory

Smart Factory Solutions​

Transform traditional manufacturing facilities into highly
optimized smart and efficient factories.

Smart Factory Solutions

Industrial Internet of Things [IIoT]

Increase shop floor productivity, minimize waste, improve quality, and deliver
products just in time for higher cost-effectiveness.

  • 30%


    Increase in worker productivity can
    be achieved by first wave Smart
    Factory adopters​

    Source: Accenture
  • 13x


    Expected improvement in
    on-time delivery efficiency
    by Smart Factories​.

    Source: Capgemini
  • $2.2tn

    Global Economy

    Smart factories can contribute
    $2.2 trillion to the global
    economy by 2023.

    Source: Deloitte
  • $02mn


    US Manufacturing could face a
    2 million worker shortage over
    the next decade.

    Source: Deloitte

Leverage Digital at Scale

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance​

Monitor devices in real-time with sensor data & gather
insights on the functioning of the machines to minimize
losses on downtime, accidents & waste production by
making accurate predictions​.

Workforce Monitoring​

Workforce Monitoring​

Monitor production staff on the shop floor in real-time
to detect and respond to critical events and improve
safety and productivity at the workplace.​

Planning & Scheduling​​

Planning & Scheduling​

Create advanced plans and schedules for your
factory using real-time production and inventory
data to minimize waste & cycle time.

Inventory Management​​

Inventory Management​

Keep a constant track of real-time movements
and locations of raw materials, work-in-progress
goods, and finished products.​

Quality Assurance​

Quality Assurance​

Detect anomalies before they impact product quality,
inspect product quality through image recognition based
quality check mechanisms to produce quality goods.

Smart Factory IoT Consulting

  • Device Hardware

    Device Hardware
  • Device Software

    Device Software
  • Communications

  • Cloud Platform

    Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Apps

    Cloud Apps
Manufacturing Processes

Add intelligence to your
manufacturing processes to
lower maintenance costs
and boost productivity.

  • Inegreate IIoT tech with existing
    equipment for real-time decisions.
  • Improve performance by using data
    for deeper analytics and insights.
  • Build apps & BI dashboards for getting
    alerts and display real-time data.

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