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Ask The iOS Experts

Our highly-qualified and experienced teams know Apple’s iOS backward and forward. We’re familiar with iOS app development from start to finish, so we have unique insights in technical problem-finding and -solving. Our creative developers will ensure quality by manually inspecting your app and consulting with you, so you’ll gain more insights than with automated iOS app beta testing. Our experts can provide both advice on your app’s performance and guidance regarding Apple’s strict standards and review guidelines. They continually remain abreast of the system’s constant updates. They can advise developers on how to make small design changes to make an app more successful.

android app testing

Searching For Issues And Finding Solutions

We have extensive knowledge about user interface design and we always focus on user experience. Our agile software methodology, our behavior-driven approach to testing, and our attention to detail gives us the edge in both finding problems and solving them. We don’t simply happen across issues, we hunt for them in our meticulous pursuit of excellence.

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Ensuring Quality With A Multi-process Approach

Because we know that no one approach for iOS app testing is perfect, we actually employ three separate approaches to ensure quality:

  • Manual, Behavior-Driven Testing

    We define behaviors based on features and manually test the interactivity and usability of the product.

  • Network Simulation

    Using a combination of automation and manual testing, we try out your app in a variety of network settings (3G, 2G, and Wi-Fi) and on a variety of Apple mobile devices.

  • Reliable Automation

    Powerful, industry-standard automation tools allow us to go deeper, view extensive reports, and check usability in even more situations. This expedites our processes and saves both time and money for our clients.

Only by using all three processes can we quickly and efficiently conduct our beta testing. IOS apps can be buggy, inconsistent, or difficult to use when not tested prior to launch. This will often waste a company’s resources, lead to misspent marketing dollars, and harm a company’s or product’s overall reputation. Cutting corners during beta testing can have disastrous results. This is why TechAhead has well-established standard for conducting our iOS app beta testing. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive testing services quickly and at a reasonable cost to our clients

android app testing

Making Sure That Your App Will Perform Everywhere And Anywhere

At TechAhead, instead of simply conducting an automated beta test, iOS apps are both manually and automatically tested in many different network situations and with several kinds of devices, all while maintaining a user-centric approach. Trust us to help find and fix any potential flaws and ensure that your iOS app’s launch will be a more profitable one.

We are a trusted app development company that knows the app creation process from beginning to end. Whether you want to invest in iOS app testing or start with an entirely fresh, customized app solution, you can contact us today!