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IoT has Transformed Many Industries by Providing Data Collection, Real-Time Insight, and Process Automation Through Sensors

Smart Homes & Buildings

TechAhead is helping both smart homes & commercial buildings to leverage the power of advancement through IoT devices. We facilitate forward-looking resource & energy optimization capabilities with devices like intelligent heating systems, connected CCTV cameras, and refrigerators.


IoT has revolutionized the level of the intelligence in the Agricultural industry. We smartly unleash the potential of Agriculture IoT and deliver smart solutions that overcome the farming challenges. We always focus on to provide the seamless connection between device & sensor that help farmers to reduce wastage & improve productivity.


Medical Industry to have harnessed the power of intelligence in the form of the Internet of Things to transform the Healthcare operating capabilities. TechAhead’s IoT technology has given access to both doctors & patients to streamline their appointments and ensuring benefits like improving patient engagement and lower costs.


IoT Technologies have provided the new set of skills to both teachers & parents to include real-time experience & interactivity in the Next-Gen learning process. We, at TechAhead, endeavoring to deliver IoT technically-enabled platform that allows the institutions to take learning experience a level ahead.


IoT is a universal concept in the manufacturing dimension. It is being observed that IoT has enabled manufacturers to experience a 28.5% average revenue increase (TATA Consultancy Service). TechAhead’s IoT solutions help manufacturers to create highly curated experiences that can enhance the inventory management, quality control, and supply chain efficiency.


“82 percent of wearable technology users in America said that it enhanced their lives one way or another.” Smart Wearable contain sensors that enable the device to collect the raw data and massage it into a database or software. This software help wearer to get the detailed insights into the health status. IoT wearable ensures benefits like improvement in personal safety, quick health & fitness tracking.

IoT Application Development:
Secure, Scalable & Manageable

Internet Of Things (IoT) is the Digital Revolution that has streamlined the concept of interconnecting people, gadgets, and system with each other through a single network. This advanced technology has allowed the users to manage their smart devices seamlessly from anywhere and anytime. Many businesses across the globe have started harnessing the intellectual power of IoT to accomplish their task efficiently without investing much time and productivity.

For 2020, the installed base of the Internet of Things devices is forecast to grow to almost 31 billion worldwide.

Being a prime player in mobile app development service provider, we, at TechAhead deliver result-driven IoT applications development solutions that not only offer benefits to your business but also portray the operating capabilities of your app adroitly.

IoT App Development Company
IoT Application Development

TechAhead’s Approach to Develop
Internet of Things Solutions & Applications

Our IoT Development Approach incorporates
Best Solution That Can Surely Elevate Your Digital Presence

  • Data: IoT aims at streamlining your data and reduces your manual intervention. This in turns saves your productivity and help you manage your data seamlessly without investing any time & resource.
  • Tracking: IoT works as a robot that keeps the quick check on the quality & availability of the product. This, in turn, improves safety & quality of the product. For instance – A smart Refrigerator connected with IoT tracks and update you when it will out of milk, messaging you if it’s not working correctly.
  • Real-Time Approach: Our IoT solutions provide you with the advanced level of intelligence & automation efficiency that offers real-time information to the users. This helps them to get the better understanding about the process.
  • Ensure Lucrative Opportunities: Harnessing the power of IoT can leave your customers with the whole new level of shopping experience. This will directly contribute to your business success and leave you with various lucrative business opportunities.

How does IoT Work

IoT system comprises four major components on which works systematically. These four essential components include:
First embed the device with the sensor seamlessly that collects the data from their environment.
Then connect the sensor to the cloud through different modes – Wi-Fi, Satellite, Bluetooth, or Ethernet.
Data Processing
Once the device information received by the sensor, it stores and makes some processing in the cloud server.
The information is provided to the end users through different options including, text notifications, and emails.

Our Internet of Things(IoT) Services

We imbue our technical expertise with IoT Technologies to Provide you with the full range of IoT Development Services

Support & Maintenance

Delivering high-end Support & Maintenance services that enable the user to operate the IoT application seamlessly.

IoT Consultancy

Ensuring a professional-grade IoT Consultancy Services through our experienced IoT consultants.

IoT Solutions

Ensuring tailored-to-suit IoT Solutions that engagingly represent the true essence of your business.

IoT Architecture Development

Managing every element right from UI/UX to Architecture Designing that seamlessly connect their device.

IoT Module Development

Ensuring lasting performance through our Module Development services that promise enduring business experience.

IoT Testing

Providing rigorously & Bugs-free IoT Application Development Solutions that ensure the flawless experience.

Why Choose TechAhead as IoT App Development Company?

When it comes to utilizing the technological advancement in the mobile app world to enhance the business proficiency, TechAhead is a name to be reckoned among the list. We have inspired the team of the experienced Mobile App Developers, who are never satisfied to sit on their laurels and constantly dig out the new ways to ensure excellence to the clients. Since the inception of the IoT concept, we have acquired the capabilities & resources to deliver an extensive array of IoT Applications across the globe. Our bespoke IoT Applications have left the businesses with the transformational & Substantial growth. Furthermore, we create & deliver every IoT app with the vision to improve the quality of the manual intervention & transform it into the advanced operating capabilities. Explore Portfolio

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