Hire Application Developers

Years Of Experience And An Excellent Portfolio

App developers for hire sometimes have very little experience. However, they should have some track record of success. Have they produced an amazing portfolio of successful apps on multiple platforms? Have they worked with Forbes 1000 companies, or some of the most famous brands in the world?

Qualifications And Platform Expertise

Technical Qualifications And Platform Expertise

Before you hire application developers, you’ll need full assurance that they have the technical knowledge to perform the task. An app developer is, essentially, both an artist and a programmer. As such, they’ll need to know the programming languages in question, the platform they’re creating the app for, and the platform’s Software Development Kit. For instance, at TechAhead, we house some of the top app developers in the business, with in-depth technical knowledge of each platform, including iOS, Android, and Windows. Not only do they know how to make apps, they know how to make cross-platform apps, writing code that can work on many different kinds of devices.

Industry Standards And Review

Awareness Of Industry Standards And Review Guidelines

This may seem like an obvious and necessary requirement for most app developers to have, but many struggles to stay abreast of the nearly constantly changing guidelines of a popular OS like Android. Be sure that the app developer in question is very experienced and aware of any developer policies on the system you’re working with.

Great app developers

A Focus On Users

Great app developers can customize their app’s design to create a fluid experience for users. The app creator you hire should know about UX and UI (user experience and user interface).They should also start the development process by asking a series of questions. Those questions often relate to the intended purpose of the app, the business need, and the demographic information of the desired user. By focusing on the end user, the app developer you hire can create something that will get more recognition and appreciation after launch.

Quality Assurance And Testing

Established Quality Assurance And Testing Procedures

Properly testing an app is a necessary step in a successful launch. If the app developer you’re considering doesn’t have some form of testing procedure, that’s a red flag. The company in question might not be the best hire. Mobile application developer procedures need to have an in-depth testing process, like the one we have in place at TechAhead. Here, we use several different approaches including both manual testing and automation to find and correct potential issues before launch.
Overall Transparency And Flexibility

Overall Transparency And Flexibility

While constant involvement may not be possible for certain client-developer relationships, completely shutting off communication is not acceptable. Having efficient processes means that client-developer communication can be productive. Processes should provide the client with an opportunity to provide feedback before the final app has been completed or launched. At TechAhead, not only do we provide such opportunities, but we also provide mobile consulting services to our clients. This opens an avenue of communication that can be used during each major phase of the development process. Learn more about how to find a great mobile app developer and about our highly qualified team by contacting us today!