Embrace Devops

Embrace DevOps to deliver at pace

We at TechAhead believe in continuous delivery by implementing DevOps practices. Continuous delivery channel ensures real-time performance assessment, resulting in bug-free and high-quality final product. Our experts

  • Put development and operations team on the same page using DevOps tools within SAFe framework.
  • Break down requirements into small easily doable chunks that are developed, tested and implemented rapidly.
  • Ensure first deliverable in client’s hands within days
  • Use fully automated workflow that takes feedback and incorporates into development cycle immediately.

Partner with TechAhead DevOps Services so that your focus shifts to innovation and portfolio expansion rather than the nitty-gritty of delivering products in time and within budget.

Cut costs. Improve delivery times. Innovate from position of strength.

In today’s fast paced business environment, speed of rolling out products should be top priority. TechAhead has standardized its DevOps chain of tools to improve quality and business efficiency while reducing production costs simultaneously.

  • Self Service Configuration

    Self-service configuration

    Tasks that needed human intervention are automated by writing scripts that are triggered when the pre-defined criteria are met.

  • Automated Provisioning

    Automated provisioning

    Provide computing capacity as and when required, without any human intervention. Optimizes infrastructure usage through flexible and dynamic resource allocation, automatically.

  • Continuous Build

    Continuous build

    Continuous building after each source code change without any human intervention.

  • Continuous Integration

    Continuous integration

    Automated building and testing for each iteration of product, however small.

  • Continuous Delivery

    Continuous delivery

    Push each code change, however small, into production pipeline, from building to testing and deployment. Enable multiple deployments in a day if needed.

  • Automate Release Management

    Automated release management

    Document each software release and version control through automated processes.

  • Incremental Testing

    Incremental testing

    Test each module with incremental testing, and then the integrated product for any issues. Our incremental testing takes every reported issue into account before introducing the next automated build.

Trusted partner for high speed and high-quality delivery

TechAhead has developed its own set of standardized and most effective DevOps best practices within SAFe framework to integrate DevOps and Agile processes. This helps the DevOps team in

  • Detection Issue

    Early detection of issues

    Standardized tools enable our teams to detect issues and solve them before they escalate. Bug fixes are immediately plugged into the automated workflow.

  • Automatic Workflow

    Automating workflows

    The repetitive tasks are automated to remove unforced human errors,improve efficiency, and free up time and resources for the development team.

  • Innovation

    Encouraging innovation

    Rapid development times encourage team members to innovate on solutions and offerings. These innovations are quickly built into the system and put to test.

  • Optimizing

    Optimizing SDLC

    DevOps approach enables us to take end-to-end view of the development process within the Agile framework. This streamlines the process of continuous iterations within Lean principles. The optimized SDLC ensures faster time to market without compromising on quality.

  • Reducing Cost

    Reducing cost

    Rapid development with continuous testing ensures faster time to market,reducing costs substantially.

Microsoft Azure DevOps for critical support to software development teams

TechAhead harnesses Microsoft Azure DevOps tools to enable its clients to roll out software faster, while improving quality. The three pillars of our DevOps approach are

  • Identifying Small Deliverable Chunks

    Identifying small deliverable chunks

    Milestones are created for the most complex of projects, enabling us to deliver interim product to clients using Azure Pipelines. The feedback received for each sprint helps improve the next iteration and keeps the client in loop.

  • Generating Automated Builds

    Generating automated builds

    Automated builds with close to zero issues for products and websites are generated and shared with clients.

  • Collaborating With Teams In Real Time

    Collaborating with teams in real time

    Real time collaboration and tracking is done through Azure Boards to maintain centralized communication channel. This helps in early detection of issues, rapid bug fixes, minimal escalation of issues, faster development times and high quality product.

Tools / Technologies

  • Azure

    Microsoft Azure DevOps

  • Jenkins


  • Github


  • Chef


  • Puffet


  • Salt Stack

    Salt Stack

  • New Relic

    New Relic

Devops Framework

  • EPIC – DevOps enable clients to define their EPIC objective so that the team does not lose its overarching view in the course of development cycle.
  • Features – After the EPIC objective is in place, we use DevOps tools to generate a System Architecture Document that lists features within the SAFe framework. Each feature is built and delivered to the client in a continuous delivery pipeline.
  • User stories – We use Agile teams to define various user stories that make up each feature. Each team builds a single story guided by Lean principles in a single iteration.
  • Task – Each task of a user story is assigned to a single developer. Collaboration between the team members happen through DevOps tools so that time and quality is not lost.
Devops Framework