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We modernize business-critical COBOL
applications for Fortune 1000 &
fast-growth enterprises.

Stay Ahead with Modern Development Tools

Modernize your legacy enterprise business applications and leverage modern development tools with the deployment flexibility and choice of new platforms – Windows, UNIX, Linux, .NET, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Docker, and the Cloud.

Legacy Application Modernization

We empower enterprises modernize their existing COBOL applications support digital business initiatives – connecting them with cloud and mobile by service enabling existing applications, consolidation of the applications, languages, databases and presentation tiers.

Cobol Application Maintenance

We understand there is a huge value in your existing COBOL Apps and shifting them to newer technologies is associated with huge risks. At TechAhead, we help clients create new custom COBOL apps, add new features to existing apps, enhance and integrate apps with non-legacy databases and applications. 

Rehost to build for the future

Unlock the value within your core business system by rehosting the application to different platform with minimal changes – thus reducing your total cost of ownership and delivering new functionality faster.

SOA Enablement

Modernize the legacy applications with respect to the Service Oriented Architecture Framework by service enabling the granular reusable legacy components and setup a governing mechanism for the services.

Our Work Featured On

Helping our clients create award winning solutions which disrupt the
marketplace, get recognition and stand out from the crowd.

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    Phone : +91 120 6039900

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