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Cloud Consulting Company

TechAhead provides cloud consulting services for migration, transformation, management and maintenance for your services. Enlist the help of our experts to stimulate product development, enhance user engagement and drive business growth by adopting latest cloud technology.

Enterprise Cloud Consulting Services

Harness the latest cloud technologies to build enterprise cloud consulting services that induce business innovation, promote communication and collaboration, improve work ethics and reduce business costs. Implementing Enterprise cloud solutions enable organizations to play to take advantage of the latest technologies ease to gain the competitive edge required to drive business growth.

Enterprise cloud solutions built by TechAhead boost employee productivity, enhance user experience and drastically reduce IT costs.

Our Methodology


The first step in success of any cloud solution be it development, migration, or transformation, is defining the correct strategy. TechAhead experts always start with strategizing for the service or solution being provided, considering the business goals and available resources.


We follow industry standard established frameworks for planning the cloud service or solution being delivered. Detailed plan is always exhaustively documented to include architectural design, coding and testing plan, deployment plan.


The detailed plan is executed using Agile methodologies to ensure high-quality, secure and optimized deliverables are produced in time and within budgets. Also, we continuously monitor and inject latest technologies to optimize the steady state.

Cloud Consulting for Public, Private & Hybrid Clouds

Cloud Consulting for Public, Private & Hybrid Clouds

When you decide to go the cloud way, you retain full control of your infrastructure, services and resources. Partnering with TechAhead as cloud consultant provides you the option of private, public or hybrid cloud as per requirements.
Private cloud services are hosted exclusively for you on dedicated servers in secure data centres and connected to your site via fast and secure lines.
Public cloud services are hosted on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.
If you want best of both worlds you can host some infrastructure on private cloud and the rest on public, depending upon your security, scalability requirement. Hybrid solutions make it cost effective.

Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Consulting

Equipped with X plus years of experience, our cloud consulting experts are adept in building effective, innovative, scalable and secure cloud solutions. They walk you through end to end solution development cycle, right from feasibility study to planning and execution.

Cloud Management

Outsource complete management of your existing cloud services and focus on what is most important for your business. Our robust processes ensure 24 X 7 monitoring of all cloud services and provide business support through exhaustive reports and analyses.

Cloud Migration

Catapult your business to the next level by moving your services to cloud. Cloud services experts at TechAhead assist you in being cloud ready before moving complete cloud architecture including infrastructure, software and data to the cloud successfully, without incidents. Our processes ensure that the complete exercise is done in a cost-effective and secure manner, without affecting customer services.

Cloud Transformation

If you have opted to re-engineer your applications before moving them to the cloud, partner with TechAhead to facilitate adoption of new technologies, reduce development and implementation costs and handle service disruption professionally. We assist you in all stages of development, right from planning and designing to coding, testing, automating and deployment.

Cloud Engineering

Whatever your industry or specific requirement, our experts develop effective and innovative solutions using the latest cloud technologies. These futuristic solutions are cost effective, secure and scalable while providing amazing user experience.

Cloud Enablement

Make cloud the catalyst for your next level of business growth. Partner with TechAhead cloud services experts to move and modernise your IT infrastructure, software and other resources to the cloud and kickstart digital transformation in your organization.

Cloud Optimization

Let our experts audit your existing cloud services and identify the gaps that are leaking valuable resources. After analysis our experts also help you plug the gaps through latest cloud technologies and ensure stronger security, better automation and reduced costs.

Cloud Maintenance

TechAhead cloud experts provide cost effective futuristic critical technical maintenance for your software and hardware in the cloud, ensuring continuous operation without any disruption. We have deployed more than X and manage Y cloud solutions.

Cloud Computing Technology Architecture

Cloud Computing Technology Architecture

Different components that make up the solution architecture cloud-based applications include software, applications, cloud technologies, databases, infrastructure, etc. cloud architecture definition integrates the various components and the relationship between them. These cloud computing architecture elements could be or hosted in cloud or present on premises.
An effective cloud architecture cloud architecture ensures that users get uninterrupted access to the applications and data associated with them. The architecture depends upon the service and solution being provided through the cloud application.

Why Choose Us for Cloud Consulting Company

Dedicated team of cloud consulting experts with 10+ years of experience

Dedicated team of cloud consulting experts with 10+ years of experience

Agile approach to delivering high quality, cost effective and scalable solutions

Agile approach to delivering high quality, cost effective and scalable solutions

Access to cutting edge cloud technologies

Access to cutting edge cloud technologies

Complete transparency and consistency

Complete transparency and consistency
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