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Managing your IT
infrastructure with Cloud
Consulting Company

Enlist the help of our experts to stimulate product development, enhance user engagement
and drive business growth by adopting the latest cloud technology.

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TechAhead accelerates your
cloud migration with support
and solutions

Harness the latest cloud technologies to build enterprise
cloud consulting services that induce business innovation,
promote communication and collaboration, improve work
ethics and reduce business costs. As a leading cloud consulting
company, we implement enterprise cloud solutions that enable
organizations to gain the competitive edge required to drive
business growth.


Global brands &
startups served


Top mobile app
developer awards


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Our unparalleled Cloud Consulting services

When you decide to go the cloud way, you retain full control of your infrastructure, services and
resources. Partnering with TechAhead as cloud consulting company, provides you the option of
private, public or hybrid cloud as per your requirements.

Cloud Consulting Company

Hire our experienced
cloud consulting company to
take your business to the
next level

Accelerate business growth
TechAhead as your technology partner

With more than 11 years of experience in app development, TechAhead is trusted by global
brands and innovative startups. We have won more than 35 top app development company awards
for our high-performance apps with human-centric experiences.

Excellent Track Record

TechAhead has been recognized among Top 10 mobile app companies since 2013. It also won recognition as top mobile app development company by Clutch & GoodFirms.

Dedicated in-house Team

When you partner with us, you get access to a dedicated team of cloud consulters along with Business Analysts, UX/UI designers, Quality Testers, and Product Managers.

Experienced Developers

Our team of leading consultants have been pushing the frontiers of Cloud consulting and its possibilities to deliver apps that matter.

Custom and Intuitive experiences

We don’t follow a one-size fits all approach. Each application is uniquely made for every business need. We help you outperform your competition with completely customized apps.

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The end product has
been honored with several
awards including German
Innovation 2018.

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Our comprehensive approach
to Cloud Computing Consulting

As a leading cloud consulting company, TechAhead has remained at the forefront of this cloud evolution,
steering our clients through adoption of virtualization and converged infrastructure solutions toward the
software-defined infrastructure model and all the benefits that come with it.


The first step in success of any cloud solution be it development, migration, or transformation, is defining the correct strategy. TechAhead experts always start with strategizing for the service or solution being provided, considering the business goals and available resources.


We follow industry standard established frameworks for planning the cloud service or solution being delivered. Detailed plan is always exhaustively documented to include architectural design, coding and testing plan, deployment plan.


The detailed plan is executed using Agile methodologies to ensure high-quality, secure and optimized deliverables are produced in time and within budgets. Also, we continuously monitor and inject latest technologies to optimize the steady state.


Right after implementation, we work on the crucial stage of optimizing what works the best. Here our cloud developers look for ways to introduce operational best practices and opportunities to review and improve the existing processes.

See the results for yourself. Check out
our featured success stories

FAQs on Cloud Computing Company

What are your service models for Cloud Consulting company?

We have the following models for Cloud consulting company:

Public Cloud: Computing infrastructure is hosted by the cloud vendor at the vendor’s premises in the public cloud. Public cloud services are hosted on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Private Cloud: Private cloud services are hosted exclusively for you on dedicated servers in secure data centers and connected to your site via fast and secure lines.

Hybrid Cloud: If you want best of both worlds you can host some infrastructure on private cloud and the rest on public, depending upon your security, scalability requirement. Hybrid solutions make it cost effective.

Disaster Recovery: Cloud Disaster Recovery enables business to implement backup plans and recover data through e-records in a cloud environment.

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Computing?

Our Cloud sonsulting services offer a wide variety of benefits to businesses of all sizes. Applications that are hosted in the cloud make it simple for employees to decrease the cost of on-premises hardware, collaborate in real-time, and software, scale around needs and business goals, and can be optimized for greater IT ROI. Cloud platforms such as Microsoft 365 bring the Office suite of applications, Microsoft Azure, and enterprise security tools – for a single-pane computing experience.

Which Cloud Is Right for Your Business?

When you decide to go the cloud way, you retain full control of your infrastructure, services and resources. Partnering with TechAhead as cloud consultant provides you the option of private, public or hybrid cloud as per requirements.

Here are the advantages of choosing Cloud consulting for your business:

  • Various Cloud Computing Services & Models
  • Cloud Market Adoption and Predictions
  • Key Considerations Before Migrating to the Cloud
  • The Benefits of Partnering with IT Cloud Specialists

What is your Cloud consulting Technology Architecture?

Different components that make up the solution architecture cloud-based applications include software, applications, cloud technologies, databases, infrastructure, etc. cloud architecture definition integrates the various components and the relationship between them. These cloud computing architecture elements could be or hosted in cloud or present on premises.

An effective cloud architecture cloud architecture ensures that users get uninterrupted access to the applications and data associated with them. The architecture depends upon the service and solution being provided through the cloud application.

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