PikMyKid is a comprehensive end to end solution for managing the entire student dismissal process in a smart, secure & expeditious manner through providing real-time updates and changing management options for parents with auditable records for school administration.



PikMyKid helps schools to overcome the drawbacks of a manual school dispersal system. Traditionally, school authorities adopt different school dispersal mechanisms like Walkers Pickup, Car Riders, Bus Riders and Institutional Pickup, among others.

Schools can effortlessly eliminate the drawbacks of the current system with the help of the teachers’ and parents’ app centrally controlled by PikMyKid Student Dispersal System. It also facilitates control and management of pickup authorizations by the school administrator as well as management of teachers and students. Additionally, it provides a range of reporting functionalities.

The Challenges

PikMyKid had a lot of Business and Technology challenges.
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1. Real Time Dispersal Update

Providing real time updates of dispersal: PikMyKid needed to create an environment where parents can get real time notifications, and the dispatcher can re-position the parent in the queue using a real time view.

2. Students Dispersal System

Adding flexibility to the dispersal system of students in schools: Schools usually have a manual dispersal system for which they do not have record keeping system. PikMyKid had to manage the entire student dismissal process in a smart, safe and expeditious manner, which can eliminate manual dispersal completely.

3. Uneven Server Load

Students are dispersed by schools at approximately at the same time resulting in high server usage for 1-2 hours and very high usage for few seconds, while the server remains idle for 95% of the day. The conventional method follows a process of just replicating servers and increasing bandwidth, which results in high costs and lower overall efficiencies.

Planning and Solution

Our business and technology experts worked on the challenges and worked
out solutions. Please click below to learn about the solutions we developed

1. Real Time Dispersal Update Solution

PikMyKid’s comprehensive solution uses advanced algorithms, and relational positioning methodology embedded in proprietary software to streamline the entire student dismissal process, providing real-time updates to parents. PikMyKid also generates auditable records for the school administration.

2. Students Dispersal System Solution

For PikMyKid we created a system to replace the manual system. Through PikMyKid teachers and school administrators have real time access to student locations to facilitate better dismissal management. Parents are also able to manage, schedule and delegate their kid’s pick-up from a smartphone. For kids who ride the school bus or attend an after school program, parents get real-time notifications on their smartphone of their kid’s status.

3. Uneven Server Load Solution

We implemented robust data fetching techniques so that the need for deploying bigger servers, which would have been unused for most part of the day, was eliminated. Every single line of the code was written keeping in mind the scarce resources. Records were fetched using batch processing rather than hitting the server for each request. The server was set up at auto scale at 80% spike, and a new server was replicated. Few specific actions taken for optimization were: – Code Optimization – NoSQL – No Connection Blocking


The Result

Based on client’s requirement we created the completed solution forPikMyKid, including iOS and Android apps. It is founded with the vision of simplifying the student dismissal process, reducing chaos,and easing traffic in the school neighborhood without any compromise to student safety and is successfully running in 7 public schools in US.

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