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Case Study - Motolite


Our client, Motolite is Philippines’ largest and most trusted automotive battery manufacturer. They wanted us to develop an application for iPhone/Android which can serve as a utility app so that it can help their existing and future customer base to request for breakdown assistance.


The Motolite Req-Q app revolves on the concept of customer assistance in case of vehicle breakdown. The app majorly uses push notification and customised app to create navigation along with realtime tracking of the assistance provider.

The user can setup a car profile where he can add the details of the car and whenever he faces a breakdown, the user can reach out for help. He can select his problem and then accordingly service bookings can be done. Upon successful completion of the booking the user is shown a track page where he can call the assistance provider, and also track his ETA. The driver app on the other hand can review and accept to work on the job. The driver can announce his status in case of delays and then finally reach the breakdown location to provide assistance and accordingly accept the payment.

MOTOLITE RES-Q is a dependable roadside assistance app. The below case study will explain the process we followed to design and develop the application from start to finish.


Case Study - Motolite

The Challenges

  • UI CRM Integration: This was one of the major challenge faced during the app development. The client wanted integration of Netsuite CRM and automatic Admin panel synchronization. The app also have to flexible to allow future integration of other CRMs. .
  • UI Real Time GPS Positioning: The utility app is a GPS based app where the tracking of the service provider is done on real time. Getting the updated location of drivers, even at places where network availability can be inconsistent was a challenge.
  • UI Drawable Map Views: To provide best services to the user and the driver driving the rescue truck, an accurate map has to be drawn, to the user location. Since the commercial navigation system has inaccuracy of 30 meters, so it was a challenge to provide accurate map navigation.

The Challenges

Given below are few elements which are considered as challenges in the development phase. Please click on each element to know more


Case Study - Motolite

The Planning and Solution

  • CRM Integration Solution:To integrate the requested CRM and also to be future requirements ready, we created APIs that transmit information and customer data to the CRM. The APIs can also easily be easily updated for other CRMs easily.
  • Real Time GPS Positioning Solution:In order to always have the realtime location of service provider available for the app, the app captures the exact position of the provider in quick intervals. Our experts also created an algorithm to use the least amount of data and get best possible location.
  • Drawable Map Views Solution: To overcome the inaccuracy of commercial GPS navigation systems, the app is loaded with custom drawable map which can be adjusted so that precise and accurate location can be mapped over a map view.

Planning and Solution

Having identified the challenges, our app experts worked out the best solution, and then our design and development team executed the solution.

The Result

Based on client’s requirement we worked on the screens with our creativity and innovation. Our iOS and Android experts brought the idea to fruition with beautiful, user friendly and feature rich highly intuitive apps which caters to the growing demands of urban users.

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